World of Warships- Going From One Of The Worst Cruiser Lines, To One Of The Best

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Hey guys, today we go over the upcoming changes to the Pan-Asian Cruiser Line and more!


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0:00 Intro
1:14 Austin Buffs
4:20 ZF-6
4:46 Tashkent 39
5:36 Pan-Asian Cruisers


  1. i am currently grinding the line. i like them quite a bit and i hope those changes happen.

  2. They are not light cruisers. They are DDs with citadels.

  3. Tashkent 39 is pretty good. T9 hull at T7, really strong torps and not great conceal.

    It’s like a T7 Jager with worse concealment but more hp.

    You have to play carefully because of the conceal and the guns are crap, but no DD at the tier can kill you quickly and you’re so much faster than most of them.

    I admit I haven’t played it much since getting it in the event, but I’ve enjoyed the games I’ve played.

    • if you ask me it is almost OP at tier 7. There simply is not too many high velocity guns or too many “good” players. The ship is amazingly hard for peeps to hit.

  4. Damn, wish they could give the
    Zao a little firing angle and torpedo angle buff , not much just a bit so it makes her relevant again aswell as giving her 30mm upperbelt additional 2 mm making her a bit tankier.
    But i do see and play her frequently so the buffs are gonna be a long wait

  5. Yea Jinan lol. One of my favorite cruisers and I think my highest damage game of any ship was in a jinan. Can’t wait to play it even more.

  6. The Rahmat t-6 pan Asian cruiser is actually a delight for that line too. Honestly a better dido

  7. I like the PA line from T8 and up and will play it more once buffed. Great news!🎉

  8. I already love the Pan Asian line, so excited to watch what happens! 1:00

  9. Always have been one of the best cruiser lines, jinan is on par with radar mino as my favourite cruisers

  10. I am not much sure whether the change to ballistics of Panasian cruisers is good.. They could use islands for lobbing shells, although their smoke is comfortable, so they don’t need island use that much and when I played them (for grind upto T10), I had almost no problem with them, probably because US DDs and CLs upto T10 were among my 1st ships ingame, being used to US small caliber shell velocity.

    This change could mean those increased radars will have more comfortable time to deal with Panasian flat ballistics forced to play then more open water(although in smoke) ! But you going to be landing more shells on targets, as you already pointed.

    I think Sejong is just down tiered Jinan, it already feels as quite useable ship.

    • From what I’ve seen the ballistics are pretty much only changed to accommodate the longer range, not really changing the ability to island lob. Although haven’t tested it myself so can’t say for sure.

  11. I enjoy playing the Jinan, i play it as a large DD. The torps are great. I just wish it had hydro, and ASW.

  12. No question that these ships needed some love, but they still require the enemy to push at them to be maximally effective. They’re really torpedo cruisers first and gun cruisers second, and the guns are so-so. They’re great in a div, but hell if playing solo; solid in asymmetric battles, but often misery in randoms.

  13. Honestly, I’d be happy if WG just gave them even a short-range hydro to avoid torps and detect subs.
    I actually think Pan-Asian ships are pretty cool. Because they can do *really* well escorting a battleship. (Particularly a German one.)
    However, subs are completely terrifying in them. With no armor to speak of, and very little hp. 2-3 homing torps is all you need to go from full health to port in a few seconds. And again, without hydro, there’s nothing you can do.

  14. Awesome! I play my Dalian and others a lot, and have the 21pt commanders standing by. FINALLY!!

  15. I play my Wukong a bit- it has a 5.9 second rudder shift, and I have so much fun just annoying people trying to hit me. Plus the guns on it are good.

  16. Taking away that moonshot arc will certainly help against anything further away than canister shot range. I have always played the Pan-Asian Cruisers like a large DD.

  17. I do like the Jinan seems like it’s going to get better now. The changes seem to be good on paper will see how well it translates.

  18. These are disasters in Randoms as they’re some of the most situational ships in the game. But one place I found the Jinan and these ships really shine in Ranked because it’s a mode that forces ships, especially BBs to stop camping in the back till the last 5 min or less of the game and and they have to push into CAPs to try to win games. (diabolical laughter with that DPM, smokes, and torp reload boosters)

  19. I think this is will make the Pan asian line feel more unique instead of light cruiser ships of other nations with American orbital shells.
    I also got a Question, What is the hardest operations in your guy’s opinion?

  20. I saw the Tashkent 39 quite a lot in operations when it came out.There it was often single-handedly decimating the opposition.

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