World of Warships- Goliath First Impressions

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So is it worthy of its name or is it more of a David……wait a second…

Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. First out of the toaster?

  2. Finally! A game where he’s NOT in a Battleship!!! 😮

  3. Didn’t get any ships from the British cruiser event. Mildly inconvenienced to say the least.

  4. Why didn’t you use AP on all those broadside targets? Is the British AP that bad?

  5. I kept trying to click on the containers icon at 20:30 to collect, causing me to pause the video. lol!

  6. i need to get my hearing checked i could’ve sworn he said nord vpn instead of more dpm

  7. drake consumer of souls and cheese strings

    2:25 I wish you could do this on mobile

  8. There floating coffins a dead line as soon as it came out

  9. Nice looking ship but honestly Zao does it all better

  10. A little research and a minimum script next time. No real insights, no AP gameplay, mispronouncing annoying. Sorry!

  11. Check out the armor view a bit more in-depth. The citadel does a step up in the middle, like some CVs or other cruisers. Knowing that and what armor protects it may help you prevent more citadels in the future.

  12. Great video, love the Brits. Ruisers. Al-buh-MAR-all

  13. Reload is crap, fast cruisers slaughter u bc they he kite u and your rounds are too slow and most other cruisers out dpm you…it needs reload buff and radar. Otherwise its food for other cruisers and dd

    • yes, those are the downsides. but it has upsides.
      its not good its not bad, and thats good for the game. unlike the upcoming russian BS cruisers

    • From my experience the reload is good enough, and we don’t need more radar. The poor DD captains already need to deal with so much radar another line with radar would be just too much

  14. Pretty bad ship , sorry.

  15. Ships looks like its ok. I think Zao with Legendary Module be a lot better

  16. the most important thing is: its balanced, it has pros and cons.
    unlike a certain nation upcoming cruisers

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