World of Warships- Goliath: Good Because It’s Balanced

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Hey guys, today I discuss the Goliath and how I believe she is rather quite the good.

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  1. Ohh…im not late!
    1st!! – Hi SLMB 😁
    ps: Goliath is a prick of a ship to put down!…that damn zombie heal lol

  2. I think that Goliath and Drake need like +2 second reload buff or +2km range buff. Also defensive AA and hydro should be both available instead of having to choose.

    • those are one of the downsides, low reload and average range. you adapt to the ship, not the ship adapt to what you want the ship to be.

    • @steve n Yea but the reload is too low in my opinion. It should have either better range or better reload. I mean it has bad armor for a heavy cruiser and the heal is the only special thing about it, so i would throw a bone by slightly improving the reload. Its not like it wold be too much since its now 18 & 18.5 seconds which is almost BB level.

    • @CloneD Anon Issue is it’s basically forced to be a crappy HE spammer as it can’t get close as it has no armor, is too big and doesnt do enough DPM.

    • @The Real WildBoar Yep. I might as well be playing Des Moines or Hinden. They at least have better armor and RoF. Hell, we Have Henri already and its much better in this role of long range HE spam.

  3. Definately better to grind this line than the italian

  4. Will the Brits Heavys get the Armor buff with the IFHE changes?

  5. I find the entire british cruiser line to be good.. not great or awesome or earth shatteringly what ever, just good solid pick and shovel working mans warships. Use em right win.. Use em wrong.. lose. Not hero boats. You wanna hero boat? Go Italian! Just good solid performing self propelled ocean going artillery batteries. I’m ok with ’em.. Got the Pan Euro DD’s coming next. Gonna be interesting.

  6. I’m currently pushing too many lines but I did get the tier 7 tech line ship for these I’m waiting for a captain to push the line I ran out

  7. 6:35 getting to t4 or t5 in a ship line isnt even close to half of the grind to T10 unfortunately

  8. Is this about Kremlin or Goliath?
    I destroyed a near full health Kurfurst in my Kremlin in yesterdays clanbattle… 😁

  9. dude, smolensk, kremlin, stalingrad, and the upcoming nevsky, they’re only tier 11… huh?!?

  10. They need to improve the British AP.

  11. Hate this ship, cant duel any other cruiser as their dpm eats you bc of your battlecruiser reload. Its not balanced…the hindy does everything this ship does better (and has half the reload time as well). I have this ship and dont play it bc they need to buff the reload…its painful.

  12. I have Albemarle and you feel like a floating citadel. I hope it gets better further up the line…

  13. I have Goliath and overall it works pretty well the only issue i have is manuverablitiy as its slow on the turn, not good in tight island configurations.

  14. The british heavy cruiser range needs more range full stop. It’s painful when you get tiered up

  15. Will Goliath get spotter planes?

  16. I got it a few days ago. So far, I’ve had a blast with her. I’ve been pretty successful so far. The citidel is high up in the water, so you can get punished pretty hard if you’re not careful. I got deleted pretty handily in clan battles yesterday by a Kremlin because I showed too much broadside. Lesson learned on that one!

  17. The entire line before drake is PAINFULLY bad. The whole line needs a couple km more range, too squishy to be so close and chunky. Its like azuma with 16 km range.

    Removing smolester from the armory isnt going to help anything, theres already way way too many out there. It should have never been a coal ship.

  18. Like it, just that AP tho….it will be a great ship if they just slightly buff that below average AP to average AP. Been doing great in Drake and Goliath. But it do suffer for range so I use range mod instead of reload and play it more like a clumsy version but more effective yoshino

  19. Unfortunately this line isnt even close to interesting for me. Everything it got is nothing special. While on the other hand we got the steroid ships like Stalingrad, Kleber, Smolensk or Kremlin in the game….

  20. Bit busy grinding Zao, Harugumo, Moskva, Daring, and Kremlin at the moment… hmm thats quite a few now that i think about it…

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