World of Warships: Goliath Is Fun

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I’m starting to like the Goliath. Those HE salvos are fun!

0:00 Game
17:56 End Screen
20:37 Captain Skills & Upgrades
26:28 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Royal Navy heavy cruiser Goliath.


  1. u have jingles voice over :3

    • I thought it was appropriate!

    • the voiceover thats about as useful as a japanese voiceover is for most english speakers XD

    • I too put Jingles on my goliath… then I realized he never sailed in a large ship. He sailed on a frigate (which is smaller than a dd).

    • @Tawelwch Gaming quick note, and you probably know this already, but you don’t actually have to put a special commander on a ship to get their voiceover. you can just go to settings -> audio -> voiceover modification -> whichever commander you want. this also lets you get jingles on non-british ships

  2. I only got her for CB’s but lately I have been playing it alot. Because it fits well in the current meta. And yeah It is fun:) GG

  3. Aerroon, ngl your gameplay was very clumsy this time XD.

  4. Lol that captain voice

  5. Lazy Aerroon, reusing the thumbnail from 9 months ago :^)

  6. whats the keybind for locking armament?

  7. Always happy to see Goliath vids! Nice game! A bit of an iffy game but still nice commentary as usual!

  8. more upload plzZ

  9. Ah the Goliath, aka what happens if Conqueror decides to become a cruiser

  10. and a superheal. Which is gimmicky AF.

  11. Jingles commander best commander…wish I could have one of him for all my Brit ships!

    Maybe someday I’ll buy him a Warspite to reside in. It would make the Old Gnome smile. Though calling a guy 3 years older than me “old” kinda hurts a little…

  12. Hey was just curious do you have any news on the Tier IX Black?

    • @Aerroon I’ve heard that it’s becoming a steel ship. Do you know when they’re going to release it back into the game for coal?

  13. i recently bought the hawkins, made me almost uninstall the game. might as well call it a floating citadel

  14. D I R E C T R U L E F R O M P E T R O G R A D

    what default key is it to lock armament?

  15. Jingles is the best weeb voice

  16. Which ship would you spec Halsey for? I’m not sure where he would make the most difference, maybe NC or Montana? Or Cansaw?

  17. Cammo? Flags?

  18. Very good video, thank you mate

  19. “I must have a bad commander setup” It’s Jingles…

  20. Tbh, Goliath is the cruiser i citadelled the least time. They are quite rare also

  21. @Jozsef Toth the grind is painful because of that citadel

  22. When you featuring Hercules from Key Battles?

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