World of Warships – Good Guy Fiji

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Say hello to the best tier 7 ship in the entire game.

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  1. I agree on best cruiser, but i love my Nelson too. Started UK light cruisers after i’ve seen Flamu playing the Fiji.

  2. you’ve also forgotten sinOP, Jingles

  3. Yes, Fiji is awesome, and for some reason I’ve always done well in her, from the moment I graduated from Leander. She is SO good in fact that they copy/pasted her into T8, gave her an upgraded heal, a 5th slot and slightly better torps and renamed her Edinburgh. They have literally the same dmg output.

    • I got Edin from containers few years back , and year ago I done reset of UK light cruiser line and I played Fiji and… she is good , but after I grinded to Edin , I did not play it again.

    • Do not forget, access to radar for Eddy. Nobody expects a radar Eddy. Which makes smacking lolli-boat cheeks all the more fun when you wait for them to close in a bit (because they’re being sneaky no? No way that stupid CA can see them) and them BOOM, hello cute little boat. Where do you think you’re going? Since you’re going to be facing other radars anyway, smoke has strongly diminished value at T8, so choosing radar is imho actually worth it.

    • Indeed. But how the heck I have literally 0 win in Neptune?

    • @OJOU’S CUTE GIGGLE I liked Neptune. She requires the same gameplay that all the UK CL’s do, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

  4. Hms Belfast first edition radar smoke hydro and He if it hade a heal it would be Op as hell.

  5. Have you forgotten about the existence of Sinop? Also I’d personally say Haida and Minsk are better than Fiji. KGV is very strong, about on par with Fiji. Other ships you forgot to mention were Jervis, which is excellent, and Helena, which has a devastating broadside (for a light cruiser with such a short reload) of 15 6 inch guns.

  6. Amazing how no one’s mentioned the Helena. Does anyone even remember that ship exists?

    • I like the Helena.

    • Helena has the highest DPM and I also think she has the highest HE Alpha. Not sure if it still does since I stopped playing world of wargambling almost a year ago.

    • Helena is glorious, underwater citadel to troll even the biggest of BB guns at close range, 15 6in guns make the largest single salvo damage of all the T7 cruisers (you haven’t lived till you have caught a DD in smoke and slammed all 15 round into the poor things hull for 3/4 of its HP in one salvo) and it just looks great. 10/10 fuck u Fiji Helena is better (now all they gotta do is give her radar and her historical rate of fire, then make her T9 because she would be broken)

    • @BladeKi11a I really like having and playing historical ships. I read about the Helena in Neptune’s Inferno.

  7. I noticed that the Gnome Overlord is now referring to “loot boxes” with the proper name Gamble Boxes. I like that.

  8. Love the Fiji was the first Tier VII I ever had – still love playing it ( love the whole line)

  9. Noneya Damnbusiness

    funny how he mentions every tier 7 BB except Scharnhorst. I will happily fight a Fiji in a Scharnhorst.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      That is not how you measure the value of a ship, by saying “a……can take on a Fiji”. Most tier 7 battleships can take on a Fiji in a 1 v 1 fight, but this is not how the game actually works. The Fiji is indeed one of the best, if not the best tier 7 ship because of his versatility and the ability to face almost all kinds of threats (except CVs of course) while working within a team.

    • And Sinop, potentially even Nelson.

  10. @Joseph Oberlander …Battlecruisers

  11. I love how you insult the Dutch by calling them Swamp Germans.

  12. 2nd comment: 17:20 onwards – It’s another proof of my “Hard name, no brain”-theory. Guy is an utter potato, you can check for yourself on WOWs Stats & Numbers.
    90% of the time the level of hardness of the nicname corresponds directly with the potatoness of the player. The correlation becomes exponential if the name contains “sniper” or any kind of special forces reference. 😛 X)

    • Maybe he does not spend 8 hours a day playing this game, maybe he has a job and a family. People like you amuse me. IT IS A GAME!. When stats are the main focus for you, it becomes a task. Just let people enjoy it and stop being so judgmental and toxic.

    • @Thomas Kositzki So you said he is a potato in your first post. Then say he can’t be bothered in your next. I believe you need to go and see who is actually judgemental.
      The irony is unbelievable.

  13. 7:28 If you have the Artillery Plotting Room Mod 1 mounted as an upgrade on the Colorado it does boost secondary range to 5.9 km while boosting main gun range to 21.8 km

  14. @Cookie Supervisor Exactly, you got to use their speed and move. If you try the typical BB approach… long distance and worse bow on… good luck with that. But if you keep them running they are amazing.

  15. Lol “swamp Germans”, haven’t been called that in a while

  16. I was worried that…well..: I’ll call him Dave- was going to be robbed after that Amagi rammed.

    However, a civil defeat like we saw is preferable to some of the toxic wins often seen in WoWs: A rare flower in a field of weeds.

    • Hell, I probably would’ve let the DD come and end me, since the theme of the team is “pointlessly throwing your ships away”

  17. Belfast is still so good that WG doesnt sell it. Its also a tier 7. Id also say that both Boise (with its super heal and 15 6-inch guns) and Helena (with its 15 6-inch guns) are better ships as well. HE is so strong right now, where as AP-only cruisers kinda arent.

  18. You must have forgotten about the SinOP at tier VII, being a super historical ship and all that

  19. 6% + 12% + 28% isn’t even 50% , what happened to the rest of your hits?

  20. @beunhaas I missed, IIRC german guns aren’t that accurate, and
    28%-main means that I hit something almost every volley, not that bad IMHO.

  21. I love how you keep featuring really good tech tree ships. I also love that you are featuring the Fiji, my all time favorite ship.

  22. I remember a lower tier Flambass video from a few months back where he ended up on the opposing team to Mr. G. who was sailing the Fiji. Towards the end of the game having never set eyes on each other previously Flambass came round an island to find Mr. G. sat directly in front of him. Before battle could be joined though Mr. G. was deleted by a battleship that penned the Fiji straight through the end and into the citadel. As I recall Flambass found this quite amusing!

  23. Geneisenau is, IMO, the high point of the German line.

    Fast, hard to kill, with good secondaries and torpedoes for brawl jousting.

    She is INCREDIBLY hard to rush and can hold a flank quite well.

    People who think she is terrible don’t understand how to play a German battleship.

    WR: 66%

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