World of Warships – Good Memories

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Took out my for some good memories and the game turned out to be pretty competitive. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VIII Mogami Replay – Discord Server


  1. Keep up your good works? Don’t let my beloved game to die?

  2. Greetings from The Netherlands 🙂

  3. Mogamin is the best. both choices of guns are really good. too bad that armor. but what is armor for IJN cruisers anyway :3

  4. EldridgeTheGager12

    hey notser can you play the iowa

  5. still love my mogami too but that atrocious turrent traverse makes her unable to do the only trick IJN CL capable of:baiting enemy shots.Still a great gameplay there nonetheless. Can totally relate to your sigh at the end. Teammates could just… be a little bit stronger : (

  6. The noises you make while destroying dd’s sickens me and turns me on at the same time. Thank you

  7. Sarodore The Dragon

    Play Izumo ( this thing is broken)

  8. make japs great again!

  9. sounds so sexual Notser LOL

  10. Risheen Mukherjee

    Is it just me or does Notser not talk as much as he used to in these playthroughs? Probably enjoying himself a little too much, haha!

  11. i didnt enjoy the Mogami 75% of the time as it was always getting bottom tier Vs 9 and 10’s and the crappy gun range just doesnt cut it

  12. would rather have good mamories but this aint bad either

  13. Love the Mogami with 15 guns.  Maybe smaller caliber but more chance for fires and the torps are great to.  If I have a BB chasing my, I’ll pop torps even when they are 13, 14 km away because sometimes, they chase so hard they run into them.  My last game I had 150k damage.  I was very happy with that game.

  14. Is it possible to direct where our spotting aircraft goes, or do they fly a preset circuit?

  15. Mogami is genuinely one of my favorite ships. She’s just so much fun to play. The superb 203 mm HE means you’re the bane of all battleships and the 3 second rudder shift means you can avoid most return fire

  16. When Notser says “AKIZUKI”…we now know how is girlfriend hears her name.

  17. What type of camo is that on your Mogami, Notser? I don’t regognize it..

  18. At this tier, I find it hard to imagine a DD not running LS; I’m guessing his captain was undergoing re-training, and therefore his LS was inactive.

  19. IJN Beauty! ❤

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