World of warships – Good old Fiji

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  1. once again remind me why u have ifhe on fiji?

  2. 2 cellos on youtube = awesome. look them up people!

  3. Fiji best t7 cruiser. Just pretend there was no Belfast.

  4. Confused Blue Dragon

    I actually rebought and played the Fiji earlier today, and my love for that ship was rekindled after pinning an enemy Yorck behind an island for my teammates to sink him, then nailing a problematic Leander that tried to go Rambo on myself and a friendly New Mexico and ending the match by killing the enemy CV…

    And I wondered why I sold it off to fund for Edinburgh in the first place…

  5. I have a hard time in my Fiji..great speed forward but stopping the damn the thing even at reverse is rough.

  6. The Fiji is just so much fun. So nimble yet has some powerful tools. I rarely have a boring game in it.

  7. Hey flambass two questions, what is the song at the beginning of the match? And do you use Spotify to listen to music, if so what is your Username? I really like the music you listen to and wanna try and find some of it. Thanks so much and great vid!

  8. IFHE on fiji… you truly are speshul

  9. Well … one of the best ships to day that I have played 🙂 But I did not play a lot of them … Actually after I got decent in the Fiji, I rebought the Leander (mostly for operations) and now I am laughing how OP those RN ships are when played properly … I have unlocked the Edinburgh, just don’t have the money yet …

    I am considering perma-camo for the Fiji …

  10. love the vid mate. I am on the Fiji now with 10 point cap. Love it !!

  11. What would you recommend with the Fiji captain after the 10 points, I have Priority, Ardren Rush, Super and Conceal ?

  12. Gave up on Hood as well. Guns are totally useless lol

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