World of Warships – Gotta Catch ’em All!

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You really don’t have to catch ’em all, but as long as we’re playing Destroyers we won’t stop you.

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  1. Morning Jingles, nice to be able to sneak this vid in before work.

  2. Perks of 3rd shift life. Watching a Jingles upload when it comes out on my break

  3. sometimes the players on your team being shit can help, it gives the other team something to shoot at that isn’t you.

  4. dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

    Unfortunately on Legends the Benhams torpedo damage got nerfed hard (almost to Swedish Levels) and got dropped down to Tier 6 which is equivalent to a Tier 8 on PC.

  5. I got annoyed that KDISK didn’t pick up the buff he was right next to towards the end of the match, but then I saw him use the buff as bait for the Izumo which actually worked out really well. Nice job!

    • Nah if he would’ve gone to pick up the Buff it would be very clear where he is. He also would’ve had to turn away, from the near Izumo, inside the Buff. There wouldn’t be much distance left to play with. Just not worth the Risk to pick it up as he was a one-shot

  6. IDK what it is, but often in WoWS BB players can think only in straight lines. Rarely even throttle control (which isn’t super useful for BBs like for DDs, but still can be used to dodge obvious torpedoes), much less maneuver. Half of the BBs that maneuver do so to point their guns at target faster.
    I’m not even a good player, but as a BB main I did eventually learn the hard way how dangerous DDs are and when to expect torpedoes. And by Tier VII I started to get hang of it (in lower tiers torpedoes often don’t have that much range, though you still have people getting out of cover of the island to shoot at detected DD at 2-3 km range far too often).

  7. The only excuse I could have for the Yugumo is that he doesn’t know the Benham and that he was sure, that she was still reloading its fish.

  8. I took some time off playing and missed the benham, and I was really lucky to get her in a sc.

  9. Not seen a torp game for ages, that was a fun change

  10. The Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal. If you can’t see it, it thinks it can’t see you.

  11. Jeroen van den Hark

    I haven’t laughed this hard at a Jingles video in a long time. TGIF!

  12. You know somebody is getting stomped when the Jingles vid is only 10 minutes long

  13. If you don’t know the stats for the Benham, seeing him launch 8 torpedoes at the Zeten you may be forgiven for thinking that he was on a reload. I certainly wouldn’t have known it’s capable of firing 8 torpedoes from each side.

  14. man some teams are just unvelievable x) great video!

  15. Wish I had enemies like these. I swear, all the enemies I go up against know how to think and breath at the same time.

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