World of Warships- Gouden Leeuw First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the First Impressions Review for the new TX Tech Line Dutch Cruiser Gouden Leeuw (Golden Lion). Enjoy!

Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. The login name on the monitor in the port is a WG-Bonus Code 😉


  3. FlyingDutchmanVideos

    The Dutch battlecruiser project was based on the Scharnhorst plans, but there were actually two interrelated design streams. Unfortunately, the ship we have in-game isn’t really faithful to either, but is a kind of WG special. There was one design effort by NEVESBU and the RNLN construction bureau, and another by the Ingenieurskantoor voor Scheepsbouw (IvS), referred to as Design/Project 1047 and Project 323 respectively. IvS was at least partially a front company for the German Reichsmarine. Ongoing German influence obviously was stronger in the 323 design, but the final ships would have been the result of work done on both sides.

  4. A poor 7 provencien tried to triple strike my neptune earlier, shredded his entire flight in two flak salvos 😀 looking forward to unlocking the golden kitty 🙂

  5. Rohann Bennedick Tan

    Can you pronounce “trilled” G on the Gouden Leeuw(lew)? If you can pronounce that, you can pronounce the entire name.

  6. played the tier 8 hard as hell to hit anything and hard to play if that is all you are trying to do.

  7. Hey SLM, the “freaking catch” is on the login screen. Take a look at the computer monitor =)

  8. Marcus Jones Stinks

    WG: We need a ship line that revolves around a gimmick
    Sub Octavian: Dutch cruisers
    WG: Brilliant as always comrade

  9. I am finding the air strike is to the Dutch cruisers is like torpedoes to a kitakazi or harugamo, they are useful but not at the expense of getting out of position to use your main guns.
    With that said I have caught a number of CVS sitting still behind islands with them and when you manage to stack the strikes on a stationary target it gets spicy!

  10. Battleship burn time and light cruiser range…… very low priority to me

  11. As soon as I finish up the RN lights this will be my next line as it’s the only cruiser line I’ll have left.

  12. the cat sound, along with random things being said by russians, was in the pre-existing designer table port, its kind of a shame it got a meakover but no sound overhaul

  13. Just like in WoT, the newest ships are the OP ones (for a while, until WG needs more money, lol).

    • these Dutch cruisers are not op, they just aren’t trash like the german bbs

    • Except Goulden Leeuw is far from OP. Last tier 10, Elbing wasn’t OP too

    • @Danhvn Its not OP and suffers from NSS. New Ship Syndrome. Basically, you are the hot target of the month. Since you are new. Be prepared for having the whole enemy team wait just so you pop up in front of them to shoot at you. Seen guys throw the game just to get shots on you. It can get frustrating to even get a descent score because you will never be left alone.

    • @D Gray maybe NA or EU thing
      Never had that problem on SEA

    • @Danhvn Perhaps. But the Dutch ships have this disadvantage. “or advantage” if you know what you are doing.

  14. You aren’t Doug you don’t get to say quirks and features.

  15. Quirks and Features, what will the Doug Score be?

  16. If you had done research before you published this video, you would have known almost three months ago (6-11) they reduced the Airstrike package.
    I like your build-out and skill selection.

  17. Good God does this ship suffer from NSS. The New Ship Syndrome. Where the whole fkin server shoots at you, just because you are new.

  18. The T2 AA skill also buffs airstrike cooldown

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