World of Warships – Graf Spee Premium Impressions

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sits as a very unique ship in , I explore exactly what makes it unique in two games. First game is on Land of Fire and I try to dominate the C point for the team. A couple cruisers get a little too close to my 283 mm guns. In the second game on Estuary I move to support the western flank. The game is much closer and I do my best to provide the gun damage and use torpedoes against the enemy. Hope you enjoy the games and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI Graf Spee Replay


  1. Does it have battleship accuracy or crusier accuracy?

  2. When will this amazing ship be Available?

  3. Does it have acceleration comparable to a cruiser or battleship?

  4. with 5500gold i can buy graf spee?

  5. forget the speed of the torp, that torp arc is insane!

  6. nice game notser, II knew that feeling that u felt on end behind isle
    🙂 would like to see Alaska class in this game too, pls WG

  7. Kerspaprog Balceram

    You forgot to mention the Emden when listing german premiums.

  8. Notser, that torpedo send against the two Nagatos at the end there was
    pretty cringe-worthy 🙁
    Spent way too long staring at the torpedoes after you sent them, and then
    you stopped shooting at the Nagato in the front.
    Everything about it screamed torpedoes >_<

  9. 14:18 Never, ever, EVER sail in front of a “friendly” ARP cruiser.

  10. This ship is only as good as the commander. IF your skills are average or
    sub-par then this ship will be hell for you. Notser can make a Kawachi seem
    like a great ship.

  11. Problem is t6 EU match making. 8/10 games you are in a t7 or 8 game. T6
    isn’t really a good advice to buy in my opinion.

  12. Thx notser in my country there’s no Graff Spee in premium shop and I was
    very fascinated about this ship stats

  13. this ship will be my Christmas present, thank you Santa

  14. Got the Arizona, and soon the Graf Spee…thank you Santa. Even Alabama
    will eventually find her way into my port, thankfully.

    I may even get an Anshan to help get to Missouri.

  15. When will this ship will be released?

  16. why can I find broadsided opponent like in this game

  17. I fear no BB in my Perth.

  18. awesome video by the way

  19. i actually hope that every1 in warGAYming will die, i hope that a plane
    will crash into their building and will kill all of these cunts

  20. 25:14 when all Three ships formed an in lined notser LOL 3 ships.. Triangle
    = 3 sides = Illuminati Confirmt!

    I really just love the ships they eventually put in the game that had a
    history. Even the Scharnhorst had her own stor,y nicknamed The Lucky
    Scharnhorst, until her last battle where she was being pummeled by 13 ships
    while being radarless, she tanked the hell out of them until she eventually
    capsized (We shall fight to the last shell!) 🙁 Secrets of World War ll –
    The End of the Scharnhorst

    Now we need HMS Glowworm :)

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