World of Warships – Graf Spee Review – Historically Accurate

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The is coming to World of Warships. This is surprisingly historically accurate in game, being able to effectively deal with cruisers but struggling with battleships. She is a unique that offers a one of a kind playstyle. Still she is not for everybody, find out everything you need to know in this 🙂 Enjoy


  1. Just buy Dunkerque ppl. They almost have the same price

  2. Weiner Brown Sugar!!

  3. As someone who grew up watching the film, I am giving serious consideration
    to buying the Graf Spee. Setting that aside, I’m also downright curious how
    a cruiser with such large guns performs. With the torpedo arcs, secondaries
    and alpha damage, how does she handle panic brawling situations against
    other cruisers and battleships? Would a Leander be able to match the Graf
    Spee, for instance, assuming some angling, and then citadel the crap out of
    the Graf Spee’s broadside? I am a smidge curious whether the Graf Spee
    performs better against the Royal Navy cruisers in-game rather than real

  4. LOL at 16:20 you killed the colorado with your secondaries! LMAO

  5. Those reviewers should play the tech tree ships at the same tier before
    reviewing premium ships.

  6. People who have 15 point captains on most of their ships are not the
    majority and do not represent what most people coming into the game have so
    I feel that your representation of captain skills in these ship reviews is
    very situational and you should focus more on the ship without said high
    level captain skills & show how they perform otherwise 🙂 Just food for
    thought I am not saying I don’t like the reviews just giving an honest


  8. so far the only youtuber who know how to pronounce spee…except the german
    ones ofc

  9. Looking forward to playing one of the Renown class battlecruisers one day
    and coming up against these 😀 Run away from these big guns now
    sunshine…. ;)

  10. Alexander Ducaneaux

    When will the Graf Spee be introduced in Wows ? Does anybody know this ?

  11. If the bayern was a premium, I’ll buy her. Was really looking forward to
    Graf Spee, now, not so much.

  12. Mikhail Kutuzov is better.

  13. Definitely getting the Graff Speedway but I will also be taking my 17 point
    Dunkerque during the Spee-pocolypse and using the Dunkerque to kill the
    ship she was designed to kill

  14. Ayy I got a World of Warships ad ??

  15. 12:45 Of course the GS will do poorly when it runs into a 2-tier higher
    Bismark… and running away from a NM is easy enough. But what about
    contemporary tier BB like the 6-turret long-range Fuso, or even the
    can-outrun-this-ship Tier5 Kongo?

  16. fuck Spee

  17. mfw Haifuri collab gives everybody a free Graf Spee

    mah wallet is safe

  18. Looks like a slow sharnhorst with cruiser armor. Pass

  19. playernameistoolong

    t6 so like $30?

  20. Did i see a König Albert in your port :D

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