World of Warships – Graf Spee Right Amount of Fun

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Graf Spee is a ship I’ve enjoyed since the first preview and it is great to come back to the ship with the same joy. We move out and try to punish enemies who show a little too much side. I comment on the origins of Graf Spee in the game, both sides rush the cap. I try to keep the enemy from winning on cap while my do the same on their cap. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VI German Cruiser Graf Spee


  1. ceinorey quimintan

    i love my graf spee too. 🙂

  2. I love my Graf Spee. It is an odd duck as you say. It absolutely requires a unique play style.

  3. Graf spee is a very interesting beast, you can have insanely great games in it but also very mediocre ones. of course dispersion can f you and 2 turrets and high reload time but you can do ridiculous damage if you don’t end up in a t8 game. torps with 8km have a really good range to not have to Yolo and I just Luke that it is overall so different. But certainly not your everyday bread and butter thing.

  4. I do great in my Graf Spee – 65k+ average damage, 1.6 kills/game, 34% hit ratio… however, I cannot seem to win in her. 40% WR (as compared to 62% overall)… if your teammates let you down, there’s just nothing you can do in the Graf Spee. She’s a great support ship, but tank she can not.

  5. Got 28K+ against a Mogami with my first salvo in it the other day

  6. And a Notser video without tactical beaching is not a Notser video. Also the saying “pulling a Notser” is for lifetime. So be proud 😀

  7. I do secondary build on graf spee because hafuri.

  8. I wish they would introduce the Ise battleship, that would be a bit of a long shot though

  9. FYI, historically, the Graf Spee and her Deutschland class sisters were (and still are) considered a heavy cruiser class by most naval historians. The whole “pocket battleship” name was really an invention of the British Tabloid press. And if you look at the displacement, this makes sense — the class had a similar displacement to the post-treaty 8″ CAs of the USN, IJN, et. al. The armor protection is also similar to other post-treaty CAs. So the design difference was more in choosing to arm a heavy cruiser chassis with fewer 11″ guns, rather than more 8″ guns. Interesting to debate whether this was really a wise design choice. Certainly, Graf Spee gave better than she got at River Plate against the Exeter, but it’s worth remembering that despite being classed as a CA, the Exeter was actually a considerably smaller, lighter ship — ~10,000T nominal displacement vs. 15,000T nominal displacement. One wonders how the Deutschland class would have done against an 8″ CA of more similar displacement and armor protection, like a USN Baltimore or IJN Mogami class.

  10. Graf Spee might just be my favorite ship in the game. So versatile I never feel like I can not outplay the enemy when in that ship.

  11. Talk about unique ships: Would you like the HMS Furious ingame? It was a Courageous class battlecruiser and mounted 2 18inch guns in single turrets. To me atleast it sounds like fun 🙂

  12. Damn my prononciation was so wrong…

  13. Love my Graf Spee. Glad I have it it is fun and different to play

  14. Was the Graf Spee a cruiser or a battleship? She was a commerce raider (german: Handelsstörer), period.

  15. Used correctly, this is a wicked ship. You have to know when to be aggressive with her.

  16. I love dishing 8k salvos to BBs in a Graf Spee. Shocks the hell outta them.

  17. this is one of my favourite ships I am so happy that I completed The hunt for the graf spee campain

  18. feel the same notzer but my diamond is akizuki hehe

  19. Haha!! That WAS a nice dodge! Great Graf Spee play. Really enjoyed that Notser.

  20. Graf Spee is a really fun ship to play. I really like mine alot.

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