World of Warships – Graf Zeppelin – EZ Seal Clubbin

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Been a long time since I’ve played CVs, decided to give the new Graf Zeppelin a go…wow…this ship is just total EZ mode.


  1. ya, total braindead ship

    • i thought 301saipan with its identical auto/manual drop circle is the most braindead design WG can come up with, they proved me wrong with the GZ

    • I think the saipan is more brain dead with the 301 but this is also point and click adventure

    • Nah, still too challenging for the average BB players lol

    • BB players couldn’t find their ass in the dark with both hands, a flashlight and a map. So we generally just, ignore that they exist when we talk about balance

  2. Graf bombers are OP in my opinion. I don’t agree with the idea that a carrier should be able to wipe any B.B. it wants anytime it wants.

    Like in this game, the BB is right next to a pensicola. American cruisers. Their THING is AA. And you still wipe him out

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe I’m not sure what your getting at, “a carrier” did not sink Prince of Wales, land based medium bombers did, “a carrier” did not sink Roma, land based dive bombers did, the Germans didn’t even have a CV. Battleship Musashi was not sunk by “a carrier”, it was engaged by USS Intrepid, USS Essex, USS Lexington, USS Enterprise, USS Franklin, and the light carrier USS Cabot. No one is asking for a single battleship to fight evenly with 6 separate ships. And finally,
      “a carrier” did not sink the Yamato, it was engaged by 11 CVs. 11 capital ships vs 1. No way was that a fight, and no one is asking the Yamato to require 11 CVs to sink it whenever they want.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Hope you know it’s not matter if landbased or carrier based aircraft sink the ship.
      Because the aircraft is the one who do the job. The carrier is just an airbase on the sea.
      And before you say that a ground based plane can be a large bomber, just remember the Doolittle Raid.
      So no matter if Roma and Prince of Wales were attacked by a carrier or an airbase. They both sinked by planes.
      Also it’s not matter if there is one or 11 in the Musashi and Yamato situations.
      Cause it can be one carrier with many turns of planes too. It take more time, and higher losses of aircraft but still the carrier is beat the battleship.
      A single carrier can find and follow the battleship choose when it’ll attack and how. The battleship has nowhere to run, and the CV can stay out of it’s main gun range. And an aerial attack can hit the BB on it’s weakest spots.
      Oh, I forget Pearl Harbor. There 6 carrier beat 8 BB 8 cruiser and 30 DD in the hearth of a Naval Base.

    • I hope you know that carrier based aircraft are always weaker than land based aircraft. The necessity of storing aircraft in a ship hanger necessitates weakening the craft with folding parts. Even the Doolittle Raid was a mission that intentionally sacrificed those bombers, and they had to be significantly weakened to be light enough to lift off. So yes it matters that unmodified G3M and G4M medium bombers sunk Prince of Wales. It matters that unmodified Do 217K-2s sunk Roma.

      And yes, 11 Battleships can easily destroy a single CV, one ship would not have enough ordnance, aircraft or speed to evading such a large fleet, and no one would comment that CVs were obsolete if 11 Battleships could corner one CV. It would be an idiotic comparison. And the CV cannot abandon the fleet or a position of defence to stay out of range of an enemy Battleship, that’s how the CVE USS Gambier Bay was sunk by the Yamato. If a CV leaves, it’s supports ships would have to leave as well, leaving the ground forces at the mercy of the enemy fleet. It only took 2 Battleships to sink HMS Glorious, all that “and the CV can stay out of it’s main gun range” was nonsense.

      Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack, the ships and land based aircraft were not battle ready as a state of war did not exist yet.

    • StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      Modified? But not the armament. And that is the part wich is sink the ship.
      Not to mention every dive bomber and torpedo bomber on carriers are created to SINK BBs all their design are made for this role so they are more effective to this job than a landbased aircraft..
      And even if you weakening that Do 217K-2s remove it’s armor etc to launch it from a carrier it’s not matter, cause the Roma didn’t attacked it. Funny you didn’t mention it while you say that Pearl Harbor was a surprise attack.
      We talked about 1v1. 1 carrier easly sink 1 battleship. It need more time and lose more planes than 11 carrier. But that’s all.
      It also depends on the situation. On an open sea battle there is nothing to protect so the ship can easly leave.
      What you mentioned is a death trap to every type of ships. Not matter if it’s CV or BB.

    • I think you’ve lost sight of your original argument of idea that a carrier should be able to wipe any B.B. it wants anytime it wants. You made all these examples where “a carrier” did not sink your example vessels. You latch onto the Roma example as if that helps. The Roma was sunk by a nation that had no CVs, PERIOD. Few sea battles are ever fought “with nothing to protect”.

  3. Facing a GZ is basically the equivalent of drawing a “Go directly to jail” card in Monopoly.

    • Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

    • No an Enterprise is a savior for your team against a GZ. Enterprise is like a get out of jail free.

    • That’s exactly how I feel…especially if I’m driving a German BB. Other ships are annoying (Payfast, Mino) but you can play against them–in fact, it’s gratifying to blind dev strike them out of their smoke. When I see a GZ, I honestly weigh in my mind whether it’s worth the penalty for just leaving the match…

    • Not really. Some of us actually like seeing CVs in a match and enjoy the free rewards that come by shooting all their planes down.

    • And apparently, a Shokaku to a lesser extent, if it has the fighter loadout … Maybe I should dust the … dust … off my Shokaku ….



    • FullMetalChicken

      Even better in Kaga facing T5s

    • And then you face a Saipan … no, i dont have a Kaga or a Saipan, but i was witness to where a Kaga (friendly) had to fight a Saipan … Our entire team got bitchslapped (enemy Saipan had 2399 base xp, compared to the second best player on his team getting 12 something-something). DIdn’t help we had a Nicholas that refused to take responsibility for torpedoing our Akatsuki, saying it was the Akatsuki’s fault he ran into the Nicholas’ torpedoes when it was the Nicholas who fired those torps in the first place. Oh, and it was a tier 5 match, though i was in a Colorado.

  5. if you really want to feel dirty in a CV, play the Bogue. Get air superiority easily and then rack up the damage against anything thats not a DD

    • all you got to do is touch a Zuiho’s fighters and instant aerial supremacy. And unlike the old AS Bogue, this one gets torpedo bombers so you can actually contribute once you’re done bullying the other CVs

    • As someone who’s grinded out the Indy in the CBT and having to now grind out the Bogue, it could be much worse. For all intents, the Indy deserves the tier 6 uptier.

    • Then can you explain how, once when i had the zuiho, a badly beat up squad of japanese planes with 3 fighters managed to decimate a 5 strength squad of Bogue Fighters without a single loss? With no friendly ships around? Can you please explain that?

    • Stupidly, fighter combat is almost entirely like D&D combat. Yeah, USN fighters have the higher modifier, but sometimes the IJN fighters get the better role (without a single loss sounds like a natural 20). I think I had that happen one or maybe twice across my time in both ships, so the modifier is large, but that outcome is technically possible.

  6. Also poor Normandie does need some sort of AA buff. Even a tier 5 CV will effortlessly remove you from battle, to say nothing of tier 8s

    • well thats a quad guns thing and a BB thing. Its not _too_ bad if you install the gun mod that reduces dispersion.

    • xXSeNiLeXx When I played it to get the lyon it was rather accurate, you would hate all the other french bb’s as they are exactly like accuracy (for me) only gets really bad at T9, haven’t got the T10 yet though

    • That’s strange Dingo. I consider the Tier 9 Alsace to be very well rounded. It has the accuracy and rate of fire to punish anything within its range.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      that is weird. The angry french cruise ship has 1.7 sigma and the Fuso and New Mex have 1.5 whcih should make them, at least the usa one, less accurate. But i guess RNG loves u

    • Angry French cruise ship? hahahaha.

  7. Andreas Müller

    And that´s why Fara called her a “one click pony”.

    • LITERALLY. You click once for an auto-drop, walk away, grab a snack, and the bombers produce 30k damage per strike, per squadron, with no additional input from you whatsoever.

      The fact that someone at WG had to actually look at this and decide that yeah, this is OK… Is sadly not a surprise at all, by now.

    • Andreas Müller

      The only thing i find really sad about it is, that if a total idiot plays the 2/0/3 set, he can still do insanly good while totally sucking at CV play (looking at fighter skills here) and be in the top 3 of the team … had that a few times now … verry sad.

  8. I dont see the GZ that often BUT when I did catch one with my Scharny I noticed to my horror that 80% of my AP rounds glanced off. Now what I want to know is just how much bow and deck armor does this thing have?

  9. *8* second torpedo bomber turnaround time…??????? Uh…….

    • Yeah, I noticed that too. That’s ridiculous! Sure the click-and-delete AP DBs are insane, but 8-second reload on TBs? Come on…

  10. There is no such thing as seal clubbing at this point… Just spring cleaning 🙂

  11. The Graf Zeppelin is a tall German woman with a spiked strap-on who’s all out of lube. The best you can do is bite the pillow.

  12. Cv’s in this game are either Crap, or God levels
    I can’t wait until cv rework

    • Agreed. The more one thinks on it the more it makes sense to do something like in Navyfields,

      where Ships can use 4/5/6 to select their Mains, 2nds, and AA, while CVs use 1/2/3 to pic a Loadout then the same for what type of craft to attack with there in. (flown a la as in WoWP?)

  13. Great video chase! WG just cant balance them as of late it seems

    PS: Can you please do a *Know your ship* video on the Nevada?

  14. I cannot wait for the carrier rework which will hopefully stop this sort of thing.

    • Agreed. A “Navyfield Fix” where you have ONE squadron you pick from say 3 with 1/2/3 of choices perhaps with options out of battle, and fly it via “WoWP” or using the Tact Map as a ship,
      while controlling the CV as normal again with use of WPs as a choice….. with Ships able to manually control their 2nds and AA with 4/5/6 for Mains/2nds/AA … would be nice.

  15. What really REALLY pisses me off is that this ship has AP bombs that are really strong and *reliable*. USN ‘national flavor’ is it’s multiple squadrons of dive bombers, hence why they are never downtiered. But those AP bombers only really hurt lower tier BBs or German BBs up to tier 9. They can’t damage tier 10 BBs at all, and at tier 10, the only boats those AP bombers can reliably destroy are also the biggest AA boats at that tier: Des Moines and Moskva. And ONLY because those ships have the best deck armor. Which is of course quite ironic. The range of deck and citadel deck required to not only fuse but also citadel is TINY. The only ship in the USN line that is any way a match for IJN is Midway, and it’s because of it’s torpedo bombers, not the dive bombers.

    Then you have this ship that can citadel a Yamato, one of the most well armored decks in the game.

    But we all know Wargaming hates USN carriers, so it makes sense, right?

    • …and IJN DD too

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      One of the most well armoured decks… Correction – it is “the best” armoured deck in the whole game – tied or just second to that of Montana’s – which carries a thinner deck – but has better bomb decks.

  16. Carriers are being reworked completely anyway amirite guys……. *thinking*

  17. Wait… 7 Bomb hits, 11 Citadels… Uhh???

    • Jimmy F. When you hit the citadel of a ship that hit doesn’t cause a ‘normal’ hit ribbon to pop up. So he got 11+7=18 hits in total, of which 11 were direct hits to the citadel.

  18. And people still insist AA Builds are pointless LOL
    Keep getting deleted by airstrikes, fools!

    • No point hardly when no AI to always have CVs, and but 1 in 20 games otherwise have em;

      Then you get days with 5 in a row with nothing but CVs and no one knows to do AA….
      _Cuz allowing for 2+ Loadouts per Ship and Pre-Battle Selections would make sense._ eh? XD

    • I run into sooo many people that whine about CVs, they talk like CVs are nuking them day in, day out, even when not in the game 😀 I see them complain every day in the forums, every subforum they possibly can about CVs. And when one says, “Well, it sounds like you’ve got a big problem with Carriers. You tried an anti-aircraft build?”

      Then they look at you like you just slapped their mother in front of them.

    • General Cartman Lee

      I like my tier 8+ US BBs with full AA setup.
      Maybe you don’t have CVs in eery match but on the EU server they are not that uncommon. And it is so satisfying seeing CV drivers cry in chat about OP AA.
      Yesterday some poor Hiryu got into a tier 9 match against my Missouri. From his first strike on me with 4 squadrons not a single plane got closer than 3.5 km.
      Funny when I think about how often I see NC and Iowa drivers complaining about not getting fighter cover even against lower tier CVs.

    • Only really the USN BBs 8+ can really seem to do ‘real’ AA builds hardly other than that,
      if a CL / CH has DF up… or is a T9+ (maybe tier 8?) RN CL ship.

      Overall though they need to fix that we cannot have more generalized builds OR
      _LET Us have 2 or 3 Sets for a Ship we can select from at the loading map._

      Maybe things will be adjusted for things in due time.
      (if they do fix issues with AP RNG , and “Consumables” working right, lolz)

    • lol…. yeah, that’s the thing seems with CVs and AA…..

      It either as with RN CLs T9+ and USN BBs when AA spec’d vs concervative CV play,
      or you are against a Jap spamming T9/T10 strike loads with 3 TBs and 4 DBs + Fighters.

  19. yea new us aa cruiser line will be usefull

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