World of Warships: Graf Zeppelin Has Fast Planes

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A dominant game with Graf Zeppelin after the rework. Her planes are very fast, but maybe not fast enough. TBs are the good type of planes on this CV.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin.


  1. Says AP bombers aren’t that good…get a detonation on the first try.

  2. can we just delete CVs from the game?

  3. so we have saw kaga, graf zeppelin! is there a chance to see enterprise?

  4. I’ve seen CV torps deal no damage despite being armed and I’ve seen CV torps dealing damage despite showing like they weren’t armed.
    Especially if the squad disappears (dies?) during/after the drop the torps have a tendency to not show that triangular ‘armed’ marker.

    • Maybe, but in this case it was likely just lag. They appeared armed on my screen, but on the server they weren’t.

    • There is a fraction, after “firing” with your mouse, of delay before the torpedoes are released. In other words. The Arming distance is a few dozen meters after the visible arming distance. If you mean “no damage” well after they’ve armed, then I’ve no idea sorry, if you mean as in negligible damage. I’m going to guess the dice roled low(?) AND the torpedo bulge sid it’s job. Otherwise I’m not sure, sorry.

  5. Hi Aerroon, I just checked the torpedos in Graf playing several co-ops (I don’t play randoms in CV until the situation will stabilize) and WG changed droping or arming mechanics. It looks like the indicator does not show properly when the torpedos will arm or sometimes they just don’t arm… on the other hand AA is less oppressive.

  6. Are the secondaries on Graf Zeppelin worth anything at all in this rework?

    • Against tier 6 and lower VERY low health destroyers, they seem to get the kill far more often than not. But she’s no cruiser with a desk if that’s what you’re asking. She can make a low health DD wary of getting close is probably a better description. Or make any DD wary, for that matter, she’ll cost them a big chunk of their health to get a close up kill. Add dive bombers, “sufficient” rockets, and even torpedoes to channel the destroyer away from you. You can defend yourself if you’ve been paying attention. Being close seems to the line of battle rewards her very well. So your secondaries and strike groups should keep you alive long enough for support to arrive. But again, paying attention and using her speed will do you best. Something’s gone wrong if you’re relying on them.
      (sorry this reply has got really long, not my intention XD)

  7. I cant believe your team lost this game xD

  8. I liked the video as an entertainment. For that i pressed up vote. BUT,

    Most of CCs are just showing the better games, or as the Kaga vid, a footage to make a certain point, do not explain AA and CV mechanics, and do not share stats of CVs, planes etc [not everyone from starting CV players have access to the premiums]. So when average player see this, he is gonna scream CV OP CV OP…

    I would like to see you spread the word that torps are not spotted by planes, that Islands will help avoid CV attacks, DDs should have AA off as default, AA dmg over time is not per second, slowing down planes with S to better aim when AA is low, etc. Just basics, really. On the whole youtube, i found just one wid in EN how to proper dodge HE bombs in a DD… and it was guy with 300 subs…

    Btw, u are dropping the AP bombs from wrong angles, i mean at the wrong point, in the dive. Fazi made a vid on that.

    I am not ranting, its just people scream at my T8 Lexi to spot, which i no longer can properly, want AA cover when my planes are far away and fighters are area deff rather than moving WITH the ships, wondering why i can’t murder bunched up enemies when they are being slaughtered separate and alone…

    OK i am ranting, sry, but after i started CVs two weeks ago [120k from Midway], i get reported and chat banned [3 times already for a day] for doing either well, or for not doing what people want… So please, i BEG you to make some educational CV videos.

    • The thing about the different point of drop isn’t going to make the bombs more accurate. All it really does is increase the penetration amount, but if I’m already overpenning then it doesn’t help.
      I get what you’re saying about the educational part, but the game changes too much for it to be worth it, I think. It takes a lot of effort to collect proper footage for “educational purposes” and then WG changes it right afterwards.

    • +Aerroon Maybe the dispersion ellipse is a balancing factor. Considering the fact that higher tier ships tend to be larger than lower tier ships yet your bomb deals the same damage to all targets it would make your damage output more consistent when compared relative to their max HP.

    • I must admit that i wrote the comment at the height of my daily frustration, so not everything was 100percent on spot. You are of course right with the dispersion of the drop bombs, the accuracy is definitely not reflecting the risk of being in AA aura for longer time than other types of aircraft.
      About the education part, i will completely accept that you do them when you think its time. Just the promise is soothing enough for the moment :-], Regards from Prague

  9. So i Guess that the “identity” of the nation is right now: Germany: plane speed and circular drop pattern (best in game in my opinion because this way it does not matter from what direction you approach the enemy)
    U.K.: more he bombs and more hp planes and carpet bombing
    Usa: better rokets and he bombs
    Japan: better torpedoes and stealth and ap bombs

  10. actually nelson is the WORST BB to flood…it can heal it all back up easily

  11. Nanchisan Nanchisan


    Man I really miss my Ju87Ts

  12. Of course have fast planes, those are Fw 190 D!! they where high altitude fighters, the Fw-190 never were torpedo bombers… wtf WG and AP bombs…finally the 190 never had the Jericho trumpets!!!

  13. Aerroon compare the Shokaku dive bombers are good with citadel damage.
    KM dive bomb 7k vs IJN dive bombs 6.1k to 7.6k on Shokaku

  14. Oh wg need to add ‘light flooding’ which only aerial drop can occur it, and lasts 30-50seconds.. while making torpedoes get higher light flooding chance

  15. man, that lyon on your team lol

  16. Last time I saw a video 7 hrs after upload my Lexington had fighter squadrons….

  17. The Graff Zeppelin’s Dive bombers typically drop their bombs one to the left and one to the right, approximately where the planes drop in their formation. Dropping from 90deg to the target in my experience seems to produce much more consistent results. As long as I pick my targets too, the bombs seem to go clean through to the Citadel on targets I drop close enough to amidships.
    Attacking from the beam also makes it easier to hit dead centre incase they decide to start turning.

  18. Michael Søndergaard

    wow. one of the best cv plays ive seen. in terms of me learning from it.


    • Yeah, leaving the z39 without fighters at 9:50 is not the way how to play a cv. You should learn from that.

    • Michael Søndergaard

      +leopard3c been watching it again and i see the enemy planes around the c39 true, but what do you think he should have done.
      placed a fighter group there?

      however what gets me here on the secord watch is the enemy AA. i just had to T8 to 10 battles in my lexi and the AA is insane. I also had a fight from T6-t8 in it and the AA is still insane. yet it dosent seem to be the case here?
      yes theres AA but its like less then what ive use to seeing!

    • +Michael Søndergaard Sure, i would have placed a fighter directly over the z39. And as a sidenote, use your fighters and heal as often as you can.
      The AA is really insane at the moment. My friend “rage” sold his Lexi yesterday. 🙂
      I`m not saying Aerroon is playing bad or something. I think he had a little tunnelvision.

    • Michael Søndergaard

      +leopard3c i noticed that i more or less get a citadel hit with dive bombers every 2 time. when aiming for center of a bb atleast.
      its much slower in my T4 hosho cv. still fun but not really the same at all.

      ok, so far ive not been good at seeing when to use my fightes.
      many videos with people in cv talks about turning away from the AA and constantly changing direction. but it dosent seem to work for me for some reason. also in lexi my aim gets worse as soon as i make a turn. which again makes it so much harder to do anything. that part ive not masted yet either.

  19. Watching carriers feels like someone from an entirely different game hacking in and just shitting on everyone trying to play World of Warships.

  20. Cause nelson is thicc

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