World of Warships – Graf Zeppelin Hilarious Stream Moments

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Stream highlight with some hilarious moments of fail and win, I hope you enjoy this game and have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Replay


  1. well flamu used the ap bombers and 2 hit did that damage…. yeah……………………..

  2. As always, when someone mentions ‘hilarious’ in a title, it’s best to expect something mildly amusing at best.

  3. omg Notser, stop clicking so much, totally unneccesary
    quit watching the video after a small minute, so cringy

    • Yeah but how much of that actions per minute are “useful” actions per minute… Because telling a unit to go to a spot three times over ain’t useful…

    • its fucking annoying as hell, clicker baddie

    • +-ACHTUNG- the point is you could convert the action to something unique and therefore make more meanful decisions

    • I mean this is not like an FPS shooter where every tap of the movement keys causes erratic movement that will throw off aim.

      It’s like those Moba players that spam attack commands on an enemy as if doing so more than once actually has any effect other than annoy some people and (most importantly) put unwarranted wear and fatigue to their hardware.

      The counterpoint is. More efficient actions are more important than the amount of actions done.

    • +-ACHTUNG- no actions would be improved by me watching rather than clicking in this game

  4. believe it or not Notser.. Autodrop the divebombers with AP bombs… it will make way more damage 🙂 Saw Flambass took out several ships yesterday in one drop with autodrop. everything from cruisers to carriers 🙂

  5. Don’t use manual drop with dive bombers… for some reason the auto drop will cause WAAAY more damage than manual drop. GZ has become just left click and go… check out Flambass video where he one shots a full health BB with auto drop….

  6. Lol that dd who got killed by your secondaries

  7. Uh why did he find himself unlucky, when Graf Spee had obviously use his AA consumable ?

  8. good game, apart from the fail drop on the graf spee.

  9. Alexandre Hans Albert

    Why aren’t you delay your drop until defensive fire are ended ? I mean torpedo gap are so huge it look like a wasted drop.

    • I was thinking the same thing. He just kept dropping through the DFAA all game long. Waste.

    • +Alexandre Hans Albert I guess I’m just playing the game, I assume launching and rearming gives higher theoretical damage

    • Notser I’m not sure, but I’ve always figured waiting out the 40 seconds or so of DFAA to be able to get more torps/bombs on a target is preferable to getting only minimal hits and then having to wait multiple minutes to return your squads, re-arm, and fly back to the fight. That, and flying through DFAA is a sure-fire way to get my planes shot down, further reducing the potential damage of a strike.

  10. notser i see you are a man with high culture and a really low cv skill, i would rage so hard at this team of motherfucking retaded idiots XD

  11. Even with piss poor play, you still managed to do 170k damage….. seems balanced.

  12. ‘Oh, no he’s a cruiser, oh no’ I am dying… 😀

  13. Notser, with the TBs, you can mouse over ships to see if they will hit or not with the deep water torpedoes.

  14. this CV now is literally for NOOBS. you can do equally good doing every thing auto instead of manual

  15. Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

    Went from Balance… aka God Strike, Triple Torp Squads with Shit Double Fighter Squad – and shitty hp…
    Then went to Underpowered – aka Shit Triple HE DBs Squads with Shit Double Fighter Squad – and still shitty hp to add insult…
    Now… OP beyond Retardation… Dual Torp Squad with WTF 10 plane Squads for Fighter  and AP/HE Dive bomber squads, giving it both God Strike and Air Superiority – with shitty hp (now the only thing thats balanced in Graff Zep)…

    WG can’t get it fucking right can’t they? They always rely on “Sledge Hammer Balancing” either its too OP or UP never balanced… To Add further insult and noob friendly compensation… They retain circular reticule for AP bombs – means you can drop nukes from any angle – plus auto drops are more accurate than manual – what in the actual fuck?

  16. At 8:47 you abandoned your Kidd teammate. He expected you to spot those 4 ships coming towards him. You dont need minutes to come to his aid, you were the next closest ship, yet you fly away. In that situation you dont think about your team, you only think about your own damage. >.>

    • Clearly it was all about the damage, only logical conclusion could be made from that action

    • His team was garbage, nothing he could do to carry all those sacks of potatos

    • As a CV with air coverage it was your job to give him the spots while your planes were not ready to strike yet and your team wasn’t atatcked by enemy cv. And the very next thing you said was setting up a strike. So yeah, it was about your own damage at that point. XD

  17. 6:11, I had Jurassic Park flash-backs. “Shoot her! Shoooooot her!”

  18. 18:45, the over-confident kagero DD “hello, CV, long time no see. How about a little swim?” hehe sooner than you think…

  19. wg needs to stop with deep trops and ONLY USE normal trops like rest of the ships. well at like GZ has 10 fighters and 10 dives. well the dives should be able to hit rest of ships right Notser?

  20. 15:42 = LOOOOL

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