World of Warships: Graf Zeppelin Secondaries Only vs Yamato Bot

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Graf Zeppelin with only secondaries facing off against a bot Yamato in the training room.
The Graf Zeppelin B was given to me by Wargaming.

World of Warships footage of the tier 8 German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin.


  1. The quality looks kinda bad. I’m not even sure I can blame Youtube with this one.

  2. at 1:37 the ribbons, lower left side ship indicator and minimap started, not sooner.
    there have been 2 matches on panzerknacker youtube channel with full secondary spec.

  3. ughh i wanna get her so much

    already used 5 containers including a premium one and all i got was camo :/

    • I’m sorry to hear that. But I agree with UMKRiot, the ship herself is not that great I think.

    • @Aerroon she is still an icon though. And as long as WG is not going to dig up drawings and plans to make an actual tech tree line of KM CVs (like that is ever going to happen) she is the only one we have.

    • @Andreas Müller You know it’s a pixel boat right? You’re not actually buying the real ship? Download some pictures and use them as a screen saver on your computer and don’t waste your real money.

    • @The Don ofc i know that. But if i enjoy the game, (maybe want to support it) i can still buy me a ship i have an interest in from a historical point of view AND then can play with it in said game. I really don´t see anything wrong there.

    • @UMKRiot i don’t care, she looks great

  4. Awesome! Would definitely love to see some more training room experiments

  5. I miss the 12v12 Carrier Exclusive

  6. Yamato secondaries in 2016 : the king of secondary
    Yamato secondaries in 2019 : can’t even beat an aircraft carrier

  7. What did we learn….someone has WAY too much time on his hands. There does need to be bots that play on a higher skill level . Maybe low med and almost unbeatable.

    • What do you mean? This was a really easy video to make! Easier than almost any actual match I make into a video, because I knew what I was doing.
      Incidentally, when I tried beating Yamato again with GZ secondaries, I failed. Every time.

  8. All skill!

    • Of course! If you check out the second half of the video you’ll see that these secondaries are INCREDIBLY accurate. More accurate than the main guns of most ships.

  9. Shout out to Sea Lord and his Zeppelin secondary vids!

  10. Now give the German BBs such accurate secondaries.

  11. I’m not first

    I’m not last

    But Graf zeppelin v Yamato

    Got to click fast

  12. You should try 1vs.1 carriers in gun fights.
    I would like to see a 1vs.1 Midway and Hakuryu gunfight.
    or Graf Zeppelin vs. Kaga.

  13. GZ’s pilots: What am I doing here?

  14. The secondary gun crews of the Bismarck secretly survived and went to serve in the Graf Zeppelin instead

  15. Yamato’s secondaries in 2016: best ship for secondary builds

    Grosser Kurfurst in 2018: imma bout to end this man’s whole career

  16. Pretty sure this was unfair from the beginning. GZ has 1/4 pen on its secondaries, pretty sure they fire faster, and to make it worse, carriers don’t get full duration fires.

    • Carriers take a lot more damage from fires. And you’re right, it is pretty unfair – I’m playing vs a bot. However, go try it yourself if you have the GZ. I lost 4 times out of 5 when I tried this.

  17. Wow GZ looks awesome! I’ve been on the fence about getting a premium CV, because my highest is a ryujo, but I can’t stand it, and trying to get hakuryu. I got the Saipan rental and that was a BLAST, but I never enjoy CVs as much as BBs. I was thinking about buying this or the Scharn but decided to wait (and probably waste) all of my money on Christmas containers

  18. Breaking News: *Local Graf Zeppelin chases Yamato*

  19. TheBackStabbedSniper

    The Graff Zeppelin everyone. World of Warships first Battlestar.

  20. We have Battleship & Battlecruiser, now we have Battlecarrier!

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