World of Warships – Great Heartbreak

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A simple secondary farm game turns into a incredibly close encounter with the enemy. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier IX German Battleship Friedrich Der Grosse – Discord Server


  1. TomsonPRoDuctions

    Furrrst! So glad Notsie!

  2. michael amadori

    Definitely didn’t instantly die at A

  3. Herastheblackwolf

    You should realy learn the pronunciation if you like the german so much. Its realy painful to hear yours 😀 Friedrich isnt pronunced Friedrick.. Nevertheless, i realy like your videos. 🙂

  4. ArmchairWarrior

    jack of all trades boosts hydro cooldown, vigilance boosts torpedo detection range default AND hydro. How is this not synergy? Yes it’s not the synergy we are used to nor do we want it, but it kind of bodes well for a bismarck or tirpitz with premium camo that you’d play as a tip of the spear once every hour as a side play to your normal ships. Just charging in there like a buffoon once in awhile for some seat of the pants action. Quite possibly would be a really good boon in that case, but then again, that’s what I do with my GK because it too has premium camo allowing me to do dumb things.

    wouldve liked to see a captain who gives boosts to AFT and manual secondaries though! like they give us a boost to manual secondaries i could drop secondary mod and get -7% dispersion like a spawn camping GK.

    • German commander isn’t very versatile compared to the other unique commanders. A buff to something more useful such as Adrenaline Rush , as with the French commander, would have been much more useful for everything in the German tech tree.

  5. As someone who plays solely CC’s and DD’s, the secondary battery mission became really annoying lol

    • I’ve seen it maybe once, but the thing is battleships are BB because of their designation. For example, if I remember correctly, USS Missouri’s desidesignation is BB-63. CL means Cruiser Light, obviously for light cruisers. Which is why you sometimes see people referring to the Royal navy light cruisers as RNCL. CA is for heavy cruisers.

    • Ah cool, good to know. Thanks.

    • Jacob Seager the French BB’s are great for secondary missions as well. I’ve gotten well over 600 secondary hits/battle in multiple battles in the high tier Frenchies.

    • CC is the designation for battlecruisers iirc. USS Lexington and USS Saratoga would have been CC-1 and CC-2 if they were built as battlecruisers.

    • Well, CC is the wrong designation for the cruisers in the game…CL or CA is correct. Lexington and Saratoga started out as CC`s but were converted to carriers. There were 3 CB`s built, USS Alaska (CB-1), USS Guam (CB-2) and USS Hawaii (CB-3)..all sold for scrap.

  6. Very good match between two battleships

  7. this is the reason I used FreeXP to jump the FDG

  8. ArmchairWarrior

    im pretty sure one of the recent WoWS sponsored videos showed what happens to the shells that “do no damage”. The shell did damage to a module, took off hitpoints from it, but didnt incapacitate or destroy it.
    So yeah it did do damage…… to a small part of the ship, maybe some paint chipped off or a seamen lost his shoe. shrug

  9. So much for your happy ending …. LOL

  10. Mattias Charman

    9:00 Notser, you’re evil….

  11. 4:28 is me every time.

  12. I would like to see a video on each unique commander in WoWS, in explaining which top three ships you would play them on. In addition, what skill sets you would use for commander skills on each of those top three ships.That would be an interesting video.

  13. That hiding behind an island hurts my WoWS heart… That meta is just broken imho.

  14. That resetting the pink was really juvenile sir. I’ll never understand this behavior, in anyone.

  15. Flip_ Fluitketel

    Theres no more fun in this game. Why do they screw every game when it gets more players after a few years? WoWs was way better in the beginning.

  16. Pulling a Notser is really just making a Jingles landing at sea XP

  17. I had gotten the bismarck for free a while ago with the campaign. Sold it because i hated the playstyle. Bought it just to get the german commander. Things were going terrible for me, then i got the map 2 bothers. Said sarcastically in open chat “some other BB wanna meet in middle for a secondary only battle to finish this mission?”. No one responded, i didn’t think it would work. Then an Amagi starts going down the middle from the opposite team, so i start headed towards the middle. He comes around the corner and i hold my fire, telling myself in my head “as long as you don’t shoot i won’t shoot”. Eventually we are sitting broadside from each other about 1km away. I end up with over 400 secondary hits and finish the mission. YAY! I complimented the guy.

  18. 4:28 nope, It wasn’t a mistake, that is happening to me really often in my Germans BBs, you the shells land under you aimed.

  19. You’re obviously a quite intelligent and competitive person, Notser. Have you ever considered actively paying slightly better attention to your surroundings in order to reduce the number of island you hit? I mean, if it’s costing you games. I also know that you watch your mini map like a hawk… so perhaps incorporate visual sweep of what’s immediately in front of your ship, the way a pilot sweeps through their critical instruments in a cockpit. Perhaps challenge yourself in the area? Dunno, just a thought.

  20. 8:15 put the damn fire out. Not spotted no targets within spotting range, just bleeding potential health for no good reason. Also 10:56 no shot on anything, guns loaded.. Oh wait no, you do have a shot, one at the musashi… You just don’t bother firing, because reasons?

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