World of Warships – Great Things Happen When Battleships Push

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I’m not the biggest fan of Tier 10 gameplay. Like many people I find that it can be dull. This is even more so true if sit in the back and play snipey snipey.

If you have a division of BBs in Tier 10, you don’t have to play that way. You can take your three highest HP ships in the round and push effectively. You can tank. And you will win. Or at least have fun in the process. Those who dare, win.


  1. I’m early .. first XD

  2. I used to like being in tier 5 but MM seem to only put me in tier 7 matches
    I’m usually one of 4 or 5 tier 5s on both teams…

  3. Passive long range pew pew play, and then curse the cruiser for dying is
    absolutely horrendous to be in. So thanks for trying to get some more bb’s
    going to the front where they belong.

  4. Well put.
    I have several T10 cruisers and DDs but my top BBs (3 of them as of now)
    are T9. I do push in BBs and my Div mates go too. It makes a diff. It
    works. You do need cruiser support to get to the DDs, but it does work.

  5. I like to do that all the time! But when not covered with support like the
    DDS you are screwed. If your DDs sail behind you like they did in this game
    its hard. They are so affraid of dying they didnt read the new repair bill
    since the last patch, they allway pay full!

  6. Volcanic , rocky terrain feature. Do you mean islnad?

  7. my homey Dink in another vid!

  8. Thank you Zoup for trying to get the tier 10 BBs to consider pushing and
    showing them how it’s done. Hate it when I go scouting out with my DD and
    NO ONE follows. Please guys with the big guns and heavy armor, USE IT!


  9. That’s why WG implemented the new economy changes. Full repair costs…even
    if you don’t take damage. It is unfortunate that most random battle
    captains are brain-dead idiots;

  10. i always go full steam ahead in a BB. just why not? if youre in a BB and
    just sniping from maximum range.. thats really frustating imo.

    anyway, great game zoup o7

  11. “Great Things happen when BB’s push’? yeah, i sink them with torpedoes

  12. When BBs push, the DD scouts appreciate having some freaking fire support
    for once.

  13. Even better things happen when your team8 are not genetic trash.

  14. Hey zoup I really enjoy your videos. I recently started a channel. If you
    could take a look at my videos I would greatly appreciate it. Any feed back
    would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance

  15. Ugh that was a rough watch. Sees Shimakaze, decides “oh well, guess I’ll
    just keep sailing straight”.

    “Oh, guess I’m dead, too bad there was nothing I could have done to avoid
    these torps.”

    One of countless questionable decisions this game.

  16. Not always. I rarely play BBs, but when I do I push. And what do I get? I
    get abandoned by my team in the middle of the push and accused that I am a
    yolo noob and that I dont play smart. lol.

  17. I usually follow in with a push. Once we start engaging. I look at the
    minimap and find I have lost my support. They pulled back

  18. 750K xp – well that 50K super crate was handy, but gonna need a couple more
    of them…

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