World of Warships – Greatly Average

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The USS Fletcher hasn’t been the best destroyer in the game for a while, but back when it was considered such its only real competition was the USS Gearing. Those days are long gone, but even a Jack of All Trades ship is still capable of the occasional flash of greatness.

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  1. 46 seconda ago? Damn, did I refresh at the right time.

  2. Hi Jingles at around 0:52 the volume becomes considerably lower, if this wasn’t intentional, I think you might have to rethink your opinions about that RTX voice

  3. jingles: upload 2k resolution
    me: upgrades net speed.
    also me: yes, I can watch 240p now.

  4. Ahhh back when the Japanese DD line went
    II Umikaze -> III Wakatake -> IV Isokaze -> V Minekaze -> VI Mutsuki -> VII Hatsuharu -> VIII Fubuki -> IX Kagero -> X Shimakaze

  5. Jingles, I don’t know if you are reading this but I would like to thank you for your continuous contents.

    Recently I have been diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctor said I only have 8 months left. Though I don’t have much time left, I am proud to have been your subscriber since the very beginning.

    Long live the salt mines and our overlord gnome!

  6. Yo im early to day man my job at the salt mines was quite ez today 😀

  7. Audio is definitely not pristine this upload. Good commentary though!

  8. Details: It makes your voice a tiny bit grainy. But impressive with a fan so close

  9. Sinking Yugumo twice 😀 – Jingles, don’t ever change… (The second time, the Fletcher did actually sink the BB, and did NOT hit the Cleveland (nor kill the Yugumo a second time).

  10. At 14:57 you said he destroyed a destroyer but he destroyed a battleship. You were talking about a clip that happened at 13:26 what happen with that 4K resolution.:)

  11. Jingles, you might want to rethink RTX voice, it seems to have compromised the audio quality quite a bit.

  12. 14:50 I didn’t know the Mighty Mo was commissioned into the IJN as a destroyer

  13. Pretty sure that there weren’t two Yugimos in that battle.

  14. damn that had me at the edge of my seat

  15. jingles: i can see the preview window better with my new set up and can see the timer now
    also jingles: calls the missouri killed a yugimo

  16. When the enemy team sink your teams Yoshino right after you sink Missouri, so Jingles can say you sinked a Yuugumo. XD

  17. never before have I seen a dd with sixteen guns, well there’s a first time for everything I guess

  18. 15:00 dude…. there wasn’t another Yugomo…. he kill a Missouri

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