World of Warships – Greeks Bearing Gifts

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In which my Greek brother from another mother ChaosMachineGR has to not only strap on his Carry Pants but also somehow survive his team trying to win harder.

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  1. Traianus Imperator

    Is Alexios Greek for Dave?

  2. Last time I was this early, Fubuki was still a Tier VIII, good morning Jingles!

  3. Dear Jingles,

    Next time you spot that Polish destroyer, try this:


  4. Chaos in a DD? Ohhh what a glorious day. Well played my brother, well played. Great video

  5. Bjørn Eirik Størkersen

    What you really need to look out for is Greeks gifting bears.

  6. The Texas *was* originally OP as hell – where carriers were concerned. I still remember having as much AA as a North Carolina, just at tier 5. The wailing and gnashing of teeth from CV players was both audible and *glorious*! 😀
    Then they nerfed the shit out of it. ‘Twas truly a sad say 🙁

    • Amen MrGrimsmith!!
      I loved playing my Texas. Practically impervious to air attack and it was very hard to sink, rarely caught fire and the guns could knock anything out of the water!
      Then they nerved it… End of story.

    • @Robert Hopwood Texas lovers Thank you

    • @Marky B I agree. It’s like they targeted the Texas, after they got their money from everybody that bought it. Myself included.
      Of course after the Texas, wargaming went on to be even bigger dicks, culminating with the mass Exodus of their Community contributors

    • @Vladimir Efimov I agree with you about the AAA Nerf. Although that doesn’t account for being able to penetrate her armor with a slingshot and catching fire with every enemy Salvo

    • Yeah I remember playing CV pre-rework. Going near anything named after a US State was a good hard de-planing.

  7. In defence of the Pensacola: in the length of time since the Kamikaze had last been seen, the place I would think it least likely to be is wherever it last was on the minimap.

  8. German dubs are said to be one of the best dubs in the world, as we basically translate every movie, there is a giant industry behind it. Original voiced movies were a rarity in the past and are just becoming more popular here.
    It’s only noticeable worse if the actor does an outstanding performance, like Patric Steward.

    • I personally find german dubs unwatchable. They do a good job. But the lips not lining up drives me mad. And the absolute worst is stuff like Top Gear. They keep the og voice as quiet background and just talk over it. Terrible.

    • Destroyer Inazuma

      I tried watching anime in German, sounds pretty good.

    • Dubbing over the original movie language is in my opinion one of the greatest insults you can do to both the actors and the directors. i know Germany take this seriously like you said a big industry behind it but still, it takes away from the experience and ruins it.

  9. The Emperor's Shoeshiner

    Look up Bruce Willis’ German voice. He sounds truly badass.

  10. MrFinalresistance

    While the Pensacola’s behaviour was risky, he was at least regularly changing course, probably also altering his speed and using his fighter to spot torps. So he is better still than 70% of Tier VII cruiser captains.

    • @MrBounce66 No, just no. The Kami is fast enough and invisible, and so can dictate the entire fight against the Pensacola.

    • I think the Pensacola’s decision was sound-ish; with only so much room to maneuver, he might have been worried about getting caught during the turn back. But if he and the Leningrad were coordinating better at the end, they might have concluded that the Pensacola’s best option was to run north anyway, not to save itself, but to lead the Kamikaze away from the enemy cap, where the Leningrad could then rush into on the partially obscured west side of the cap. He could then point block long enough to make the sinking of the Pensacola irrelevant.

    • It would have been fine if the Pensacola wasn’t on such low health. In that situation 1 torpedo would mean failure.

    • @Philly Cheese Take that’s operating under the assumption that the Kami stayed south. It could have headed north at any point and had more than enough time to get into the islands. I’ll take torpedo beats in open water over ambush torps. When you don’t know where the torpedus will come from, you play the 5 D’s of dodgeball.

    • @Evan Ulven please just stop. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

  11. you know what i said back when the Kamikaze was on sale ?
    Why would i want a premium minekaze, when ican just play the normal Minekaze…..yeah the it was nerfed a LOT. So Kamikaze is still as OP as Minekaze used to be.

    • I got the Kamikaze R from that pearl event thing they did just after the game launched. I thought the same thing at the time but it’s hilarious how much better it is than the poor Minekaze now. I think the Minekaze used to be 1kt faster and had 100m worse concealment but was identical in every other way.

    • old original Kamikaze is better than Kamikaze R in my book, and 1 other thing, if you found Kamikaze sailing in 2021, you better run, no kamikaze player are noobs and making mistake in the game, because only veteran and crazy MF torpedo boat lover who will own Kamikaze.

  12. When something is really fast in a game, be it a ship, armoured car, or anything for that matter, i usually say “It is, where it wants to be.” Because some things are soo fast, that if you loose eye contact, they can be anywhere, from the other side of the map, to the backside of your vehicle…

  13. Viribus Unitis has many downsides but when it’s top tier the guns are pretty deadly. For the worst tier 5 premium BB I present to you the Oklahoma

  14. 14:26 Correction: the Iron Duke has not been playing a great game so far, he’s been playing an incredibly timid game.

  15. As a former WoWs Battleship player, that opening clip was rather therapeutic.
    Thank you.

  16. im so proud of having been in the same clan as chaos for 2 years before he left about a year ago, we used to play together in WoWS every single day for hours upon hours, and im so happy that unlike other people that ended up streaming like chaos is doing, he didnt get all high and mighty and forget those who helped him get where he is, he is still the same damn good friend i knew him as back in the day, so well done chaos, proud of you man!

  17. Never look a wooden gift horse in the mouth.

  18. And seeing how much health the iron duke lost by the kamakazi that should have DIED earlier by being bitch slapped by a Leningrad, the Gneisenau screwed not only himself but several others. He is a fucking potato.

  19. I think he wanted ablative armor in the form of a Leningrad rather than actual intelligence data

  20. THEREAL JoshuaCaleb

    Aside from absolutely literally and figuratively having zero, nada, zilch, anti-aircraft capability and SUPER LOW hitpoints, the Viribus Unitus makes up for it with those guns. When uptiered it’s trash, but if you get into a tier 4 or 5 game where there aren’t double cv’s per team those guns are amazing.

    Simply based on the gun performance i want to throw the Viribus into the “high floor / low ceiling” ships.
    Meaning: if there are no cv’s, and your positioning is good (ie you’re not showing your sides irresponsibly) and you’re not hiding like American cruisers you can have good games in it.

    I’ve gotten a kraken in mine a few times, but i tend to be a masochist when it comes to driving ships in WoWs. I like the viribus, i like the vermont, i like the ognevoi, and i like the normandie, and REALLY like the Nelson lmao. so yeah…….

    I even have some outright broken OP ships but i prefer the struggle or challenge i guess lol.

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