World of Warships | Gremyashchy | 9 Kills 122k Damage 394k credits

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Player: Salty135
Ship: Gremyashchy
Map: Big Race

User Description:

T5 match, 9 122k Dmg 39 earned. I don’t know how else to describe this match but !!

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  1. Christian Staunsbjerg


  2. Джанбулат Дж


  3. Really didn’t have to launch torps at that Isokaze. He could’ve out gunned
    him easily.. gg regardless

  4. He nearly fucked it all up right at the end there.

  5. Nice game in my fav ship :-)

  6. stop cheating noobse

  7. Great number of kills but only above average damage.

  8. poor shooting

  9. すげえ

  10. only 9 kill ?…. Lol so sick damn

  11. Lucky for him that the Königs front turrets wasnt facing him at the end.

  12. 와 엄청 잘하시네요.

  13. Should have went full speed ahead and ring around the rosie the Konig at
    the end. Slowing down to torp nearly cost him the game.

  14. Is this Replay from PAST 0.6.0 Patch if yes, any Info about Skill Build?

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