World of Warships – Gremyashchy Two Versus Five

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on Trident moves toward the center to try and capture B point. We encounter a enemy destroyer and try to complete the cap. The enemies push to capture C point and move forward. Our team falls rapidly against the enemy and the quickly moves to a comeback. We are down 2 to 5 and must try to stay alive against the enemy team. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Soviet Destroyer Replay


  1. Thanks so much for all the Destroyer vids. Just started the game a couple
    of weeks ago and I want to get better and have a long way to go in doing
    so. Your vids definitely help.

  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ) notser has been touched ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


  4. Jose Mercado (OIF1VET19K)

    They need to put this ship in the shop so i can get my hands on it

  5. great AS ALWAYS

  6. I got solo warrior once in a Hosho. It wasn’t by killing them though. We
    just had the lead on points and bases, so all I had to do was stay alive.
    The enemy could have easily covered the bases, but I honestly don’t think
    they realized that they were about to lose on points because they didn’t
    even try.

  7. new mexiko should have died…so u would get solo warrior >.>

  8. I have this vision of Little Notser, years ago in a playroom, banging
    plastic warships together to make interesting battles. This is probably
    pure projection on my part because Little Sitearm banged plastic
    construction sets together to make interesting cities ; p Regardless, I
    really enjoy your narratives and prowess : )

  9. ACiD_ “Th3xRaVeNx” ReinX

    Noster aka the goat ??

  10. Michael Page (Gothicmace)

    circle….circle…dot…dot…. now you’ve got your kootie shot. lol. ?

  11. I hate that you have Gremmy and I don’t


  12. Irregardless is not a word. Irrespective is a word. Regardless is a word.

  13. Hey Notser, off-topic question. I have a 17 skill point captain for the Des
    Moines and I can’t decide if I want to go for demolition expert or
    concealment expert as my last skill. What do you think?

  14. y u no premium repair

  15. Sebastian Kassem

    I earned solo warrior twice Notser… But it was theree months ago… And
    in the two battles I got also “hero of the battle”

  16. Gremlin is hands down the most op ship in the game. She’s just ridiculous.

  17. Gremlin is hands down the most op ship in the game. She’s just ridiculous.

  18. Maybe I’m lucky with hardware. I’m def not a PC guru, I built my
    semi-budget PC a couple of years ago and I’ve never had a problem.

  19. I came close to getting solo warrior once. It came down to me vs 4 ships. a
    DD, 2 CV’s and a cruiser. I hunted down and killed the cruiser, then was
    able to kill both the CV’s, but time was almost out and I just found the
    DD, shot him almost killed him shot again, shells in the air and game
    ended. Needless to say I really really felt like I got robbed there. :)

  20. I think you went a little crazy making this video since you start talking
    about what you do or do not know. Perhaps a little time to unwind is in
    order. :)

  21. Kerspaprog Balceram

    “Irregardless” –*facepalm*

  22. GG notser, You are such a bully lol

  23. 10:00 — “Pee-sez”? Pie-Sees.

  24. I can’t wait till the tugboat lines are released.

  25. The Nick Holland

    Very nice gameplay Notser

  26. God I hate it when some privileged little punk believes he somehow is in
    command of you, and it’s always below average or newb players who do it.
    What a tool. Well BSG_Pisces, lets see here: total battles = 1618, win
    ratio = 46.6%, average dmg = 19083, highest tier = VII, below average on
    literally every-single-metric quantified in game statistics. Yeah, you are
    totally in a position to arm-chair QB Notser.

  27. They should have put this one in the tech tree also. There are no premium
    USSR Destroyers available currently.

  28. Noster! why no use the premium repair!


  30. I am so jelly of those who own this OP vessel

  31. Ömer Bekcioglu

    notser if u want easy solo warrior this tactic might work for standart
    battle nocarrier involved battle wait for ur team slaughtered and dont be
    around of enemy sight go for enemy base when closest enemy 4 square away
    save ur smoke until detected than use it to complete capture :)

  32. Stop winning so many of your games as decisively if you want the chance to
    get a solo warrior. Also I just sent you in a minikaze solo warrior match
    that was only one due to “cowardice” but yeah early caps can be crucial

  33. Really enjoy this ship, thanks for sharing some great tips on this.

  34. i am greatfull of my 7yr old 500$ potato pc that got me to 2k battles and
    propably will take to me to 4k, you know, playing with 20-30fps is not that
    bad…most of the times lol

  35. wp Notser :)

  36. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    7:13 Transformers the movie reference Notser?! The one from 1985?! Lol

  37. Thats how all “DD’s”” hehe captain should play! Great game!

  38. Notser is such a beast!

  39. Got solo warrior once in my minekaze. Me vs a Nicolas myogi and 2 wyomings.
    On that low tier island map, new dawn, I think. I was at their base, with
    the Nicolas and myogi, and the wyomings moved to their base. Got right on
    the edge of my detection and annihilated the bob in a gun duel. We were
    down by 200, then the Nicolas popped up. I beat him in a gun duel and
    capped with 7 seconds left. I was so thrilled

  40. Frost Zeustastic

    Awwwwwwwwwwww! Too late for fisrt comment 🙁 Anyway, Epic Battle!! <3

  41. When was this ship available to North America? Or did it just become

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