World of Warships-Grober Kurfust Forced into it

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Puddin here with a game in my GK. I don’t like going C but the enemy GK forced me to go. After we get we head to B and kite the enemy team.

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  1. i love my kurfurst but i get trolled all the time by the rng in it so i dont play it anywhere near as much as i should. i also have been seeing and having my main guns taken out alot here lately

  2. Großer Kurfürst- The ß is called a “Scharf S”, or “sharp S”, and is essentially a double “s” in pronunciation and spelling. So “Gro- sserr Ker- furrr- st”. Not Groh- ber, not Groo- ber, not Grub- er plz 🙂

    • In English quite similar to “Kurfürst the Great”.

    • the german word “grob” (if you want to use it for the word “Kurfürst”, you must use “grober”) means translated (for example) rough, and it’s (by spelling) pretty similar to “groß” (and american keyboards don’t have the “ß” on their keyboard)

      btw, “Kurfürst” means “electoral prince”

      and just one thing; the “ß”/”sharp s” means that you must pronounce the letter before longer than normal, while the “ss”/”double s” means that you must pronounce the letter before shorter than normal; (and is one “s” you must pronounce it normally)

      if you want to pronounce the word “Großer Kurfürst” it wouldn’t be your “Gro- sserr Kerfurrrst”; if you write it with IPA (international phonetical alphabeth): groːsər cʊrˈfʏrst (yes it looks wierd and sry for multiple formats, some letters were copied)

  3. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Excellent replay Puddin, way to show of the Gruber Kurfust Yea I don’t know how to spell it either 😉

  4. Everyone loves dinosaurs and explosions

  5. A question: Are you going to take the unique module on the Kurfürst? SOme people don’t because of the rangedecrease, some do because they don’t need it. I think there is no reason to not take it. You rarely fight outside of 19km in that thing and it gives you (even) better main battery reload than the normal reload mod plus better Secondary reload.

  6. Destroyer Inazuma

    Just recalled the most devastating weapon in Fallout 3 was a mini nuke launcher called the Fat Man. Well the Fat Ship is devastating too!

  7. Forward turrets are highly over rated.

  8. Good game Puddin

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