World of Warships: Groningen – Annoying CV

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Groningen is effectively Friesland. She’s good against CVs, which this match had plenty of.

0:00 Groningen Match
11:43 End Screen
12:36 Captain Skills & Upgrades
14:00 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 9 Dutch destroyer Groningen.


  1. Drop a like if you want to see more butchering of the Dutch language.

  2. Ironic how a bb and cruiser take good damage from the DD but a CV is impervious. Such balans

    • It’s a British cv which means it’s more having armoured, with both an armoured flight deck and sides (at least the actual ship with 76mm deck plating and 51mm hangar side plating) and he’s firing AP it makes sense why low caliber destroyer AP bounces

    • @Juri for that part I agree wtf is that bs with the 1 minute damage con and fires that last like 20 seconds after that

    • @Enjoyingend193 fires last 5 seconds, but iirc, CVs take a lot more fire damage than normal in those 5s

    • @Aiden T that literally breaks the laws of physics! Next thing we know the new soviet tier 10 premium CV will be able to fly!

  3. “Why is this game so unfair to me?” LOL. I dont play WG games anymore and my mental health is thankful for it but you seem to do more than adequately judging by your (excellent) videos.

  4. As someone from Groningen calling it a Friesland copy hurt a little bit (even tho it is)

  5. I hate fighting these DDs they are extremely annoying both as a BB captain and a cv one when I play that class, they will probably be an issue for when I get to the mahan… Just annoying concealment, annoying HE spam and lethal against DDs literally the only one of my ships that doesn’t have a big problem with DDs is a seattle

    • Groenningen/Friesland is actually pretty easy to deal with. It’s very reliant on spotting. If it doesn’t have that it’s useless.
      Also quite weak armor and hp wise and no torps so getting pushed when you play this ship is a death sentence. Overall it’s a very very overhyped ship.
      Also, even though the firing range and dpm is brutal the shell speed is completely shit so ships like the French, Russian, ijn gunboats or Swedish dd:s out gun the living shit out of groenningen.

    • @Gundolf300 hell no

    • @UltraVires Hell yes. Nothing make a Friesland player shit its pants like pushing it.

    • if you’ve seen it’s concealment, pretty much most DDs can outspot it, it’s good at dealing with people when they have their pants down (like the fletcher in the video), but in an open water engagement where it gets outspotted, the other DD may just straight up avoid a fight because they can do it better.

  6. Can you do that with the Ragnar?

  7. I can’t unhear you calling the groningen the running gag instead of its actual name

  8. I want to see more of your videos does not have to be butchering of Dutch lol

  9. a lot of BBs or players in general have no idea this DD has no torpedoes. have seen so many that kite as soon as they see this DD or it smoking up infront of them instead of charging them, coz it cant do anything to them when they charge it. This DD is pretty strong against other DDs 1vs1 but kinda struggle when they are within 5km if they know what they are doing since it doesnt have torps. i outgun it a few times in a neustrashimy all because it had a heal allowing me to not use DC when set on fire.

  10. I burned a lot of flags to get this ship and I royaly suck at it.

  11. In RL, NC’s 10 5″ per side would have sunk you and Trump would be dating Ivanka….. C’mon you know he did…. We ALL know he did.

  12. Man up, ram… like Trump and Ivanka, the CV!!!

  13. In kongo, low tier 3-4

    We won beautifully

    Casualtiy 1 BB to the whole enemy team exept for their Carrier.

    My fleet formed a a straight line coming to my direction, just like in the reels, just like in real life. It was a sight to behold. Warships from different nations worked like clock work to victory. And me in my Kongo welcomed them to the cap circle. I wish didn’t attempt to take a pic. If you somehow find the gameplay take a peek in it.

    It has been fun my fellow captains while it lasted. I say thank you and goodbye for it is probably my last hours. Adieu. Paalam thank you, danke. Xoxo

  14. seeing a destroyer without torpedoes.
    WG has outdone themselves.

    • It’s the friesland, or the friesland class anyway which is a real ship, and has no torpedo armament in real life.

      They carry depth charges and anti submarine rockets.

    • @Marko Vuorma well like I said, groningen is in wows a copy of the Friesland which even without torps has always been a powerful dd due to the super fast guns, smoke and 6km hydro so its rare to sneak up on one.

      Ragnar is similar but gets radar and 150 something mm guns and no smoke, still no torps and still a lethal dd.

      Yes they are more one trick pony’s in a way, but they still excel at hunting other DDs and engaging in dd vs dd fights which can have a huge impact on a match.

      Then they just farm BBs.

  15. Looks like 1000 000xp could be better spent on something else.

  16. Russian cvs are bs just played a game with one 5 torpedo hits on me in veneto no spread on them.

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