World of Warships- Groningen First Impressions

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Hey guys! Today we have the first impressions review of the new Tier IX Dutch DD, Groningen, enjoy! 😉


Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. isnt this the friesland? I thought the Friesland would be renamed Groningen and placed in the Dutch tree.

  2. Dang sealord do you get any sleep? Thanks for all the effort you put into these videos!

  3. ToughAncientSpark

    Man, if Wargamming ever loses its art department, it’s done.

  4. 3:48 – …. Um what? When he’s looking at the Equipment screen and the ship modules here, it literally still says Friesland above the ship icon in the top left… Is this some kind of Sea Lord photo shopped out of season April fools joke or something? How could WG mess up that badly and still have the name Friesland displayed in the top left of the Equipment screen for this ship?

    • le pas très gentil

      SLM photoshopped it you can see it , it is Friesland
      Groeningen will be the same as friesland but in the dutch tech tree , for commander issues , so the people who have friesland in the EU tech tree will still be able to mount their pan EU captains on it

    • Because it is the Friesland. You can see at the name in the top and bottom that the way it is written is different from the WOWS way. It literally is the Friesland

    • Could it be because it is a Friesland? The Gronigen is not available to anybody, let alone a non CC 🙂

    • Yup, I left this comment before finishing the whole video lol. He eventually confirms it was all a joke, but up and coming news about new ships is nothing to joke about Sea Lord cmon man!! We got new ships with new gimmicks coming out on a damn near weekly basis at this point it feels like. We already have our work cut out for us trying to memorize all the new stats and capabilities of all the new ships coming out in order to know what we’re dealing with as it is, so we def. don’t need to add into the mix a new trend of putting out “joke” disinformation videos about WIP upcoming ships in WoWS man!

  5. ToughAncientSpark

    7.1 km is great concealment compared with cruisers and battleships but not when comparing against other destroyers.

  6. Imagine actually living in Groningen lmao

  7. Kazuki Nakashima

    Why is this basically a reskinned Friesland, that says Friesland in the bottom, and why is there a tier 7 DD called the Groningen with a unique silhouette down in the ship selection bar? So many contradictory UI elements

  8. I used to pronounce it Groningen as well as a foreign student but its actually closer to “Hroningen” with H being the sound you make when you throw up. But it is completely fine to pronounce it as you do

  9. 4:51 I thought I was going crazy… Groningen in the top right, but Friesland is selected in the ship menu, whilst a T8 Groningen with a different Silhouette is right next to it.

  10. My goodness so many people in the comment section didn’t get it….WG previously anounced that Friesland will be moved from the european tech tree to the dutch tree, because it’s a dutch ship. But since a lot of people didn’t want that, because they would need a new captain, WG decided to add her sister ship instead to the dutch tech tree, which is a carbon copy of Friesland, same stats and everything.

    • @StarshipEnterprise I think you miss the point Gerrit makes. He trained a captain to be able to use in a Dutch tech tree. Now he will have to train a captain all over again just because a few people complained they could no longer use the legendary polish commander on the Friesland. Despite the fact that down the line they will, just as they did for every other tech tree, bring out a legendary commander for the Dutch tech tree and you can still use the Polish Commander on other Pan EU ships.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Dennis Tjhie If you train a captain for a Dutch tech tree in the Pan-EU tech tree it’s simply dumb. Even if WG remove the dutch names all from the tech tree, the ship will be in the Dutch tech tree, but his trained captain remain in the Pan-Eu tech tree with a new name and not will be moved to the new tree.. (Like Steven Segal got a new name)
      So he MUST train that captain all over again, no matter what, BUT with this option he can keep his Dutch named captain in the pan-EU tree on his Dutch ship in the pan-EU tree.
      If they move the Friesland, his 21 point Dutch captain get a new Swedish/Polish/Austro-Hungarian name, a probably english line and remain in the Pan-EU tree without the ship.
      His whole point is simply dumb, as he not understand how the game elements work.

    • @StarshipEnterprise If you got the Friesland during the event for it, it HAS a DUTCH captain. The name IS Dutch, the voice-over IS Dutch. I guess you just bought it afterward.

    • StarshipEnterprise

      @Gerrit Every pan-EU commander you buy in the Friesland got a Dutch name. Try it out. Ask 3 Pan-EU captain in the T1 ship, they all will be POLISH, then in the T2 all commander will be Austro-Hungarian, and if you do the same procedure in Friesland, it’ll get a Dutch name.
      You clearly don’t know how this works, so go in the game, and try it out, you’ll see how dumb what you say.
      And you can ask 0 skillpoint captains for free, then dismiss them.
      And it wasn’t an event ship, it was a Free XP ship always, and I got it on day1 of it’s release.

    • @StarshipEnterprise not really dumb if you expected a potential split or started training it after they announced the Dutch tech tree would come and Friesland would be moved. There is a big difference between retraining a captain vs having to train one from scratch. One is considersbly faster than the other. And no if they moved Friesland its captain would come with it they would not give it randomely a new captain lol. So there is nothing wrong or dumb about his point.

  11. Well the frysians always insisted that they had their own language, culture and how independant they are. So from my point of view good move (for once) from WG 😀

  12. When I saw this and watched the video, I took a sip of my Red Bull and said, out loud, “Bro you cappin'”. (I watched a Russian Badger video before I went to bed last night) Credit to sticking to the joke though, SLM. Even if your MS Paint skills are… uh, questionable.

  13. Ah yes, the Geronin gen, from the KonCkglyks e marine.

  14. Almost had me fooled, but the font just isn’t right xD

  15. Well done SLM!
    First look, inclusively by you, perfect!
    All the best Sir

  16. I know this is a joke, but I was born in grongigen so I got qutie excited!!

    Also Im not dutch so I think its pronounced Hro-ni-gen

  17. I didn’t even notice the paint skills, the pennant number gave it away. 😉

  18. I was literally about to chew you out cause you didn’t compare it to a Friesland lmao. Glad I saw this.

  19. Well I was going to use my Friesland Captain on the new line I guess that can not be done now – my Captain will be trapped in the EU Line. I think right ???

  20. how do we exchange it?

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