World of Warships – Grosser Front

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replay by Tadstrider in the , he pushes north with a secondary build and fights close to the enemies. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Grosser Kurfurst Replay


  1. So many players on both teams had no map awareness at all.

  2. I don’t think he had manual secondaries. They seemed a bit too inaccurate when firing at the Tirpitz at the end compared to the shots coming back from the Tirpitz.

    • Some people like to keep at least one of their previous ships and their captain on it, without expanding resources to retrain the captains. I myself have kept the Bismarck in my port with a 16 point captain, while my Friedrich der Grosse is using an 11 point captain, which will go to the Kurfurst with probably 13 points. So yeah, some of us don’t like using one captain for all ships 😀

    • I think he had it but Captain wasn’t fully retrained yet…

    • I built captain for the t10 ships even though they are on t3.

  3. Maybe: Große Front or Große Unternehmung. Großer Front is grammatically incorrect 🙂
    Great Vid Notser! Greetings

  4. t10 game with 5 bb´s,only 1 of this 5 was shooting AP!
    world of goldspam

  5. That Yamato in the beginning had 100700hp. Just thought I’d mention it…

  6. Why would it be weird to play Germans as secondaries?

    • Usually tier 10 games are less advantageous for a brawling secondary build and more long range work. You have to find the right scenario or make the game become the right one with secondaries

    • Good to know, thanks man. Hope streaming comes back soon!

    • The passive nature of the game (at least on NA) and the huge expense to make secondaries at all viable means it’s never the optimal build. That said I’m one of those scrubs that likes fun over optimal min/max so I build high tier German battleships and the Yamato as secondary builds.

    • I build my Yamato with secondaries and it worked out pretty damn great. Brawling in SEA servers are a thing

    • I’ve got a secondary build on my GK, plus maxed out concealment. You can get the jump on teams sometimes on maps where you can use islands to your advantage. There is about a 2km window between being spotted and my secondaries opening up. It’s all in the playstyle you use.

      I tend to play my BB’s aggressively but that sometimes gets me in trouble when I end up pushing too soon or team decides to change tactics when they see the other team and abandon the support for the GK. It happens but whatever, I’d rather push hard and try rather than sling shots 20k out scared to scratch my virtual paint on my virtual ship.

  7. Hey that’s me! Mom get the camera I made it onto youtube!! Haha this was a heart breaker for me as it was the highest dmg game ever for me. As for my build, I went with priority target, expert marksmen, super independent, AFT and fire prevention. My capt isn’t a full 19 point capt. I am debating for my last capt perks to either get basics of survivability or do like you said and go Manuel. I have had Manuel secondaries on this before but like you mentioned before, when you go Manuel secondaries the other secondaries on the other side of the ship do not fire and that is why I’m hesitent. Since my capt is only 14 points, for my last points I’ll either go with BOS and AR or BFT and AR. Not entirely sure though.

  8. @notser Pushing in a BB can swing a game, but it needs to be said it’s about TIMING…. I’ve seen BB’s that pushed and just died because they were alone… or waited the whole match when the team is begging them to push they wait till the team is dead, then push……

  9. dd’s were in a division so you know, maybe. Happens sometimes.

  10. Just for clarity what update will fully release the French bbs notser ?

  11. Maybe if players looked at Repair costs and Realized its the same NO MATTER WHAT, save flags, although then its the same if you keep running those flags. Just maybe players will be more aggressive. When they know sunk or not you Paid to Play in Full.

  12. secondaries are fine…its just manual secondaries with mod 3 secondaries upgrade are NOT NEEDED. its too much for too little.
    secondaries range upgrade with AFT is enough.

  13. actually hydro STACKS with those now!

  14. shima torped his own division m8…

  15. As a Harekaze captain, I completely understand trying to go that long without being detected. The moment you’re detected, there’s a 50/50 chance you’ll die within the next minute. Playing objectives and torp for max range is a completely acceptable strategy. You’ve got the concealment, use it.

  16. I should confiscate that Takao off that guy…

  17. Q) Why play the Germans as anything other than a secondary build?
    A) Because you’re a sadist who likes to see your team suffer

    Fun fact: Mikasa is the only true secondary-centric battleship not in the German line.

  18. HArekaze not Hirakaze!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Auto spotting distance is 2km normally. Also, vigilance and hydro do stack.

  20. Team kills happen too often. Not long ago both myself in the Scharnhorst and a New Mexico were torpedoed by a teammate. Once ok, mistakes happen but twice, and the little so and so didn’t even apologise. We lost that game. Such behaviour does ruin the enjoyment factor. Keep up the good work.

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