World of Warships Grosser Kurfurst Secondary Build Commander Skills

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In World of Warships, the commander skill update changed many things. Among them, the accuracy of Grosser Kurfurst’s secondaries. Many feel the ship is not what it used to be and no longer is viable as a secondary ship in WOWs. I disagree, and I feel that Grosser Kurfurst is still good as a secondary build battleship. It’s situational though. You need luck, the right map and the right ships, but secondaries are alive and well, as is pushing and brawling. I’m going to walk you through my Kurfurst setup, the commander skills I use, as well as the upgrades. I have focused solely on secondaries using Lutjens as my commander, and it works. So don’t fear the secondary battleship build. It’s alive and well, and so is the Grosser Kurfurst in World of Warships.


  1. First! Finally
    All the talk about sec not working has never been on the receiving end of them in a cruiser.

  2. where the build ?? you said you will show the build !!!! when u said that it comes to the mind that u will show us ha ha

    • He hits all of the Captain skills and upgrades in the video along with what special captain to use if you have it. Showing the build was the game play but everything you need is in the video.

    • I think he was hoping for a screenshot of the build, it’s what Flamu does before he ends his videos.

  3. What so ever you still need more heals, Ik

  4. Where is the build ??? also the skills???

  5. I’ve done over 100k secondary damage with my Pommern. German secondary builds are still real and the only way I play my T9 and T10 german BBs

  6. Good video Zoup and Good game. But question is, could you do this same damage with no pushing? Yes, definetely. And thats the thing. Today i Missplayed SO HARDLY by being 24km from Thunderer. I burned to death. The game isnt Rewarding you for pushing as it should. Definetely GK isnt Dead, its just weaker over all. Lets hope WG will think of what they did to the game and at least improve something. As of right now, the game is ”Boring” It never was about snipping, people just realise that they get rewarded more by not pushing, and thats the biggest problem… Take care, now i will go play my Secondary GK lol:’D

    By the way, today i had game when i pushed a flank in secondary GK, killed everyone and Wrote ”Secondaries arent worth it they said” in chat and i got kicked on main screen LOLOL Was this random? Who knows…..

  7. Agreed the build is situational, IME those situations are less common. Does the ecstasy of one successful secondary push offset 4 games of frustration?

    • no just got my aft kicked 6 times before i had 1 good game with GK secondary build not worth the frustration. I know the ship can be good but consistency matters.

    • Exactly. For average players, a successful secondary push is too situational, or just straight up rare, and is not worthy of giving up other more viable builds.

  8. Keep showing replays where the enemy team is full of potatoes… doesn’t prove 2nd builds are viable still with Dead Eye destroying the meta. LOL

  9. I have the Grosser Kurfurst, thanks for the info.

  10. Secondaries aren’t dead when nobody is spamming he at you all game from 20km away and you only have 3 heals….

  11. Can you show a picture of the build as well as the upgrades

  12. I love the GK and i always love to play as a secondary GK but even with your build i find 90% of my damage is coming from my main guns and my secondaries seem to be useless as damage dealers.

  13. Faster, Stronger, Better!

    Your secondary’s fired 1470 shells and only 374 hit a large target like the Slava?
    Hmmm…secondary’s are dead 🙁

  14. great ship love it but even with this build (no special commander) the secondaries just dont do the damage they used to (due to their loss of accuracy)making it more viable to just be another deadeye backline pos

  15. The 406’s get the same exact base dispersion as the 420’s that is a myth.

  16. 406’s may have faster reload and less overpen, but 420’s has the coveted YAMATO GUN SOUND ™, which allows GK to go anywhere and do anything… lol. x)

  17. Yeah would also be very helpful if included a screenshot of your captain skills so that can be easily paused on and looked over

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