World of Warships – Groz the forgotten

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Grozovoi is a russian tier 10 DD that very few ppl play anymore, or at least I don’t see them that often.

On paper this is a powerful DD but in reality it has a lot flaws.

It has 6x130mm guns with fast shell velocity and so-so reload. It has 10x10km torps with slow-ish reload. It has a lot HP with heals + def AA and decent AA.

In reality it gets outgunned by most DDs because of its so-so reload, it gets outtorped because of slow torp reload, it eats a lot of dmg when hit and it only has 6km concealment.

But can it work? Absolutely yes, especially when a lot of DDs recently are also around 6km detection and some don’t have smokes.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. this early ! Yoyo

  2. Grozovoi used to be the best AA Destroyer, then they gutted AA and def. AA nearly across the board. They nerfed AA so hard they ended up nerfing a Russian ship……think about that…

  3. Perfect time for this replay. I recently re-discovered the rusty Groz in my port and wondered wth to do with it

  4. It happens to me too. Especially with Soviet Ships. So many penetration, yet no damage. Maybe damage saturation? But it’s full health. T_T
    Sometimes. It seems that the bullet/projectiles is not hitting the ship, while it should. (Maybe for this it’s just me being bad, but I don’t have this problem with any other ships).
    I’m sad and miss my sold kutuzov. 🙁

  5. 0:00 yankee with no brim

  6. Me watching 1:07.
    **Titanic PTSD kicks in!!**

  7. TheDecemberLegend

    Imagine a MM with CV, Venezia, Nevsky, Kremlin as we often see nowadays. Miss the glorious days with my Grozovoi…

  8. Should be using AP on broadside anything. Groz AP is like Fiji AP on a DD. So good for light AP.

  9. In this episode.
    A few YouTube minutes later…
    “First in the team!”

  10. bro let me help you out with that green screen lol

  11. My rule of thumb in WoWs is that if a player does not have a clan AND they have their first name in their IGN then they are gonna be an absolute thunder potato.

    • I dunno if I’m the only player that thinks this way, I’m not in a clan, I’ve refused to join one for a while now. I’m trying to get my WR to 60% from 55%. I get probably 2-3 invites per session I play but I just decline. To be honest, apart from the obvious economical benefits, majority of clans are filled with 40% WR potatos anyway. Every ranked season I think I was the only player in all my games not in a clan between rank 5 – 1. I just can’t be bothered investing time into the player base that can’t grasp a game that a domestic pet could understand.

    • @Jeremy So basically….youre being invited by the shit clans that want to improve their overall stats by inviting better people ?
      You need to join one of the good ones then ? WIth like 52% minimum or something ?

    • @Wang Cheng lmao what no life cares about WR WN8 and the like? “look @me, I`m one of top fleas on this dog” buahahaha

    • @Jeremy Im just in a fun clan with my Cousin and some RL Friends. They only play rarely with their highest Tier being 6. I got 57% WR out of 4k matches but im not interested at all in going above rank 10 in ranked or participating in CW. Thats too much tryharding for my taste. I prefer teaching the game to some friends instead and having some fun doing that. 🙂

  12. Great! Grozovoi needed some love! I like the ship, even if i It’s in need of a buff. It doesn’t even look Russian…

  13. Otto von Bismarck

    I don’t know … I have all regular Tier X DDs and Grozovoi is still the one I don’t like and with which I usually suck big time. I’d rather get out my Chaba for a ride.

    • groz is my favorite DD, i play her as nearly a full gunboat build, AFT, BFT, no concealment expert and legendary mod. its great, 3.1s reload is spicy, i figure the torps are kinda shitty so i go for gunboat, if i want a hybrid DD with good torps i play gearing

  14. Idk why people here are talking about buffs for the Groz. Just run aft on it and farm from 14+ km with your Smol guns all day. It’s a Khaba that loses a turret but gains smoke, def aa, better stealth, better torps, and doesn’t take full pens. Groz is a great dd that can fill just about any role when needed. Hell u can even kite CLs with a Groz, it’s hilarious. They can hardly hit u at 11+ km meanwhile ur hitting most of ur shells. I also run leg mod on my Groz for a full gunboat build, but it’s not needed.

    Maybe Flambass said the Groz isn’t great or something and that’s why people are complaining (I haven’t watched the whole vid yet), but if so it’s prob because he’s using a Groz ranked build in randoms. It’s not an ideal captain build. IFA/PT, LS, BFT, SI, SE, DE, AFT (can trade BFT or DE for AR + PM if you prefer) would be a full farming captain build. IFA/PT, AR, LS, SI, SE, AFT, CE would be a jack of all trades build. Both assume leg mod or gun reload mod.

  15. Enemy team: we have triple unicum divsion.
    His team: we have flambass.

  16. My videos & etc.

    16:44 “let’s see if that makes him panic”,
    5 seconds later…

  17. really loved the multiple grozz games on stream because i havent seen this ship in so long

  18. It’s a great ship and very fast best for rush and able to gunboating cause a lot of hp, only torps reload is bad fact of Grozovoi.

  19. Alberta Aardvark

    At :55 seconds he walked into the ocean and was never seen again!

  20. The Mino didn’t throw away his ship, you ran into each other as he was trying to flank around and he killed you as he was already spotted, I thought /shrug.

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