World of Warships – Gunship

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As we all know, Japanese captains are forbidden by International Convention from ever using their guns in battle unless they’re in an Akizuki, Kitakaze or Harugumo. BigOneStep apparently never got that memo…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. IJN DD’s do not have terrible guns. They have fantastically great guns.. what they have it utterly terrible turret mounts..

    • Higher tier IJN Torpedo ships have their HE DPM similar to german DDs. If they had better range, they could easily outgun even USN and RN DDs, shell velocity and arcs are way more consistent at range than other DDs. I liked shooting at other DDs in my Akatsuki, I simply kept everyone at arm’s length and dodged most of incoming fire. Salty USN DD tears are worth it.

    • tunnar79 yeah good for kiting away, that means they work best as a distraction so that the torpedos hit the

    • Ship out turns the turrets.

    • Reload IS mediocre, turret turning speed IS total carbage. I do like those guns when you can use them without being on danger.

    • after the last ijn dd gun buff they are great gun boats.

  2. It’s the Sassy Ho! And she’s showing off her guns too.

  3. actually jingles, the last kill was made in the last second or two, the points were at 997

  4. And let us not forget HSF Harekaze which is also a “gunboot”

  5. I really like the guns. The long reload gives me the opportunity to aim well and alpha packs a punch. The slow turret rotation is a problem if you are getting surprised.

  6. 9:27 actually Jingles, that’s a Monarch, not a Bismark…
    jk love your content 😉

  7. Jingles, “I didn’t fight in two world wars …”, I knew that you were an old codger, but I didn’t realise that you were THAT old!

  8. “Swedish torpedo tube” sounds like a sex act as described by a Carry On film.

  9. Why cant I get a daft CV in my DD games… LOL

  10. Seriously, when are we getting an Akazuki roar for Krakken unleashed? Something grand and fierce is missing here!

  11. I’m watching this, I’m listening to the blistering commentary, and everything is cracking! BUT… every time Jingles says “and he did it with his guns,” all I can see/hear is the scene in Conan the Barbarian (the Arnie one, not the newer rubbish) where Subotai is helping the wizard (Mako R.I.P.) to his feet and he exclaims “I killed him… WITH MY SPEAR!” and I’m dying. Send help, please!

  12. 7:27 Proof that submarines are already in the game.

  13. 2:55 Actually Jingles, the Yugomo and Shimakaze can handle a gunfight…
    with BFT and the 3 Million credits reload Mod it can actually hold itself against a lot of enemy DDs

  14. Kidd is not “basically a tier 7 Fletcher” it’s tier 8 Jingles….

  15. Furious probably prioritized the New Mexico because he was being attacked by it.

  16. Out of context:
    how accurate is jingles flag joke?

    The joke:
    “I claim here everything for queen elizabeth!
    You can’t claim us we live here!
    Well do you have flaaag?”

  17. Мартин Георгиев

    “assashio in a torpedo range” a redundant phrase if there ever was one

  18. While I am impressed he used his guns. I’m amazed he actually went towards the cap at all in an Asashio. Most of them I see sit 19.9 km away from the nearest red BB and throw torps at it. Often with their own BB’s between them and the red BB.

  19. We can hear The cats’ fancy water bowl running in the background. At first I thought ‘wow, Jingles is now recording in his bathroom’.

  20. “Not great, but it’s not terrible”

    I see what you did there Jingles. 😉

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