World of Warships – GUZZ

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Jingles has finally lost the plot, his title makes no sense. Well ackshually, the International Radio Callsign for the Harbourmaster in Plymouth, which all Royal Navy ships have to call to obtain clearance to enter the harbour, is Golf Uniform Zulu Zulu, or GUZZ. Which is why in the Royal Navy, Plymouth is known as “Guzz”.

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  1. Jingles always makes for a good morning.

  2. Thank you for the amazing continued content Jingles!!

  3. 4:25 Actually Jingles, Salem doesn’t have torp-

    4:32 *”I know”*

  4. i stay up allmost all night till like 3 to 4 am just to see jingles content it is what keeps me from losing it all at how hopeless my life is atm

    • Glad the video help but sounds like you need more than that and I understand how hard finding someone to listen is so feel free to unload if you wish as I’m sure there are plenty here who can relate to whatever going on most have been through the ringer at some point or another

  5. Do you think that DD captains keyboard survived the end of that game

  6. Up early today, eh Jingles? its gonna be a ‘red-letter’ day today. Never quit doing these WoWs historical-laced game play reviews. I truly love them!

  7. That was an incredible dodge on the Shimakaze torpedoes at the end, sweet Jesus

    • Very impressive

    • Incredibly lucky he didn’t swing his ass into the torp, that thing was inside his model o.O a nice dodge but skill had very little to do with that ^^ Random large holes in torpedo spreads were one of the main sources of frustration as a dd main back when I still played, so sad for that shima player, but then, we would not have seen this game if that gap had not been there.

    • @Frozenstein I would say so too, judging by the early game play. Gun accuracy and effectiveness were terrible with multiple strategic beaching’s.

    • Absolute clutch of a win.

    • I was expecting the eurobeats

  8. Last 10 seconds makes it totally worth watching the whole video… Well done

  9. That ending was absolutely insane

  10. Good Lord. Probably the best ending I have ever seen. How he made it through the torps.. Wow!

  11. anyone notice the plymouth controlling clicking targets for his secondaries lol

  12. I had to rewatch the end three times just because he dodge the torpedo salvo from the shima. That was just incredible ending to the match

  13. Actually Jingles, you can angle against SAP. SAP does ricochet but only at very steep angles (55 degrees to start, if memory serves me right).

  14. That is the best torpedo dodge I have ever seen, Well deserved Kraken.

  15. Geoffrey Richardson

    Excellent vid Jingles, always enjoy them, cheers mate.

  16. The unmistakable Jingles laughter makes it 10 times better 😀 thanks for the Entertainment

  17. That 1mm narrow miss on 2 torpedoes was so clutch, I was on the edge of my seat grinding my nails, so to speak. Epic finish, Congrats and what an effort of carrying the team to victory from the jaws of defeat.

  18. That many torpedoes at the end. Masterpiece of dodging!

  19. Thank you for the video Jingles! I really love the content you share. I just want to say that the Plymouth captain shots were pretty bad. And before anyone say that this is just an accusation, notice how the shots were targeted mainly on the waterline when the enemy is angled. Superstructure shots would have done quite more substantial damage, especially with 16 AP shells. That goes for Repu, Napoli, Salem and even at the DD at the beginning. Actually Plymouth entirely misses 1 salvo at broadside DD because of aiming to low. So if the purpose of the video was to show the smoke and radar of Plymouth, then it was sort of good (because the early smoke and early radar on Repu), but if it was to showcase the 16 AP gimmick, I definitely think you could have picked a better replay. As for the main attraction of the video – the torp beats were definitely good and the situational awareness of the Plymouth captain was definitely on point!

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