World of warships – HAAAAAANS G#D D%MM IT

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It’s bloody Hans again, he’s out of control.


  1. I think that Hans needs to get his own channel at this point but it’s obvious that he’s been hitting the schnapps.  I’m sure it’s for “medicinal” purposes only.

  2. PAPIEREN!!! I think at some point in the future some of us will develop nightmares of having to cross a border. And you are the border guard, impersonating Hans after the Navy fired him XD

    • I don’t know if it’s on purpose or not but the plural would be “Papiere”, I love the Hans videos but sadly I can’t join your stream due to my work time so maybe this question was already asked multiple times sorry about that then

  3. Hans: losing ze game but winning our heart

  4. Watched this live and i was crying with laughter. 2nd time around i think i just broke a rib. my good sir keep up the good work, cause this is comedy gold. Regards…. Speshulplayer.

  5. I don’t really no much of anything about other languages around the world. You use a word quite often that I wouldn’t even know how to spell, but generally would look like papegan based off it’s pronunciation. What exactly is the words meaning?

  6. Hans: sinking more German DD than the Royal Navy did in 1940s.

  7. Slawomir Chmielewski

    You should have slowed down to 1/4 the moment Radio location changed. Monarch was at 9km, when it changed that Fletcher had to be closer. Slow to a crawl and stay sharp, you’d smoke before your ship loaded on his screen.

  8. Perma Radar is so powerful

  9. Damm Flambass u are so fucking good in this game i have 1700 Games and i wish i could play like u

  10. Flambass we cant se the chat very well because the hans is infront pls fix this for the future thx

  11. In case you were wondering plural für Papier is Papiere. Anyway this Hans is ridiculous.

  12. lol
    always playing absurd op ships,never the weak trashy ones,right!
    23000 hp for a DD what a fucking BULLSHIT!
    soon 30000? 40000? 50000?

  13. If only you would give tips and advice during your games instead of behaving like a damned 3 year old stroking his e-peen. This is the main reason I do not watch your twitch or your youtube videos. That, and your incessant whining when things don’t go your way.

  14. Its not insulting if its true

  15. Good ol’ Hans. Teribble captain, but comedy gold

  16. 7:27 Man, perma radars are OP as hell. They need to be nerfed.

  17. 10:23 what is this? Gestapo mode?

  18. Always looking forward to the shenanigans of Hans 😀

  19. Z52 gun range troll build when? Must make BBs rage at a DD spamming them down from 16.8km

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