World of Warships – Haida Impression

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Checking out the “Haida” and the game turned out to be pretty competitive. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier VII Commonwealth Haida Replay – Discord Server

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  1. Finally a Canadian ship.

    • mostly smaller than destroyers…..but im glad to see some representation anyway

    • Canada also had some CL’s and CA’s. Friend of mine’s Dad was at D Day lending bombardment support on one of the few Canadian CA’s of the war. I’ll have to look up which ship it was.

    • The RCN didn’t have any cruisers at the time of the Normandy landings. And the 2 light cruisers they did end up with were in no state for combat at the time. One was still fitting out in Belfast and wasn’t to enter commission for nearly another year, the other was under repair in America to rectify damage sustained at Salerno and wouldn’t return to service until October 44.

    • Yeah, it’s because Canadians aren’t American that everything has to be American oriented with Canadians always ignored, mocked, and sidelines constantly. Silent Hunter 3, Atlantic Fleet, and ‘Victory at Sea’ all have Canadians in them while other people make excuses because Canadians were a “minor nation” missing another point of simply added them in for variety sake that they fail to see what made Silent Hunter 3 all so special.

      Nice to see HMCS Haida in the mix that I hope WG looks into HMCS Uganda/Quebec as well as HMCS Ontario as well. Even a mixed RN/RCN aircraft carrier that I really don’t register as Canadian.

      Now seeing HMCS Haida for WoWS makes me respond with “Now, was that really so hard to add into a game?” in that tone of mocking Ubisoft’s reply of how modeling woman was so hard in response to people’s lame excuses why Canadians can’t be in WW2 games. I’m extremely happy to see HMCS Haida that I may seriously play WoWS now, maybe.

    • Yep, I got the full story today.  There were RCN members at D Day but they were on RN CA’s and CL’s in a training capacity.  Those crews went on to form the main Cadre of HMCS Uganda, and one of the other Cruisers that was posted to the Pacific but never saw action.

  2. Yes india was a part of the commonwealth

  3. oh yes baby my body is so ready, I am going to moisturize my body with maple syrup tonight.

  4. Ready Aye Ready!

  5. Hey Notser quick question- do you have a stream schedule again or is it just whenever you feel like it?

  6. Wargaming better get this ship right or they’re going to learn the hard way, like the Germans did in 2 World Wars, what happens when you piss off Canadians

  7. I want this DD in and around my mouth. 🤣👍🏻

  8. Perth has Hydro as well as the smoke plus a longer duration spotter plane so it can self spot.

  9. Make single launch deep water torps and standard spread normal torps maybe?

  10. Canadians, unite!

  11. The Commonwealth is basically a big club. After the British Empire crumbled, eight states (Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom) adopted the 1949 London Declaration

  12. I love the single launch system. It might be underwhelming, but it is a feature I would expect ALL DDs to have, which is really annoying that just British ships get it…

  13. Umm notser you made a little mistake the 4×2 gun system is the class’s original version the one that came out of the dockyards the 3×2 is the refit that happened shortly after the class’s launch to make it a better convoy escort giving it sonar and better AA

  14. If WG messes this up then all of Canada is going to riot

  15. Great game by that scharnhorst player on your flank, he deserved the kraken!

  16. no??? ??????? ?? ?

    Yeah they dropped a main gun turret for more anti air when they saw the Americans had a raging anti air fetish

    • Supermax, the Super Squirrel

      no, they dropped a twin 4.7 (120 mm) mount for a dual purpose 4″ (102 mm) mount, of the 24 tribal’s made 12 where sunk, over 50 % by air attack in the beginning of the war.

  17. A buff: Single launched torpedoes should reload as individual torpedoes rather than having to shoot the whole set to reload.

    • totally agree, I was going to reply to Notser that this is the way to improve the single torp. Otherwise, I do not see much of the point of sending one torp at the time. This is extremely situational and it is rare that it makes a difference.

    • VuHien2011 the point is to fire them all in a super narrow spread.

    • as I said, this advantage is situational at best. If you make everything else bad just to compensate for single torps, it is really not worth it.

  18. maybe the torps should also reload individually.

  19. One “advantage” to being able to single-fire torpedoes from Haida is that even with only one launcher it’s still going to be possible to torpedo multiple targets at once. For example, instead of dumping all 4 one at a time against that Atlanta at 11:45 you could’ve thrown one or two to discourage him from charging & saved the others for the Colorado.

  20. I want to see a county class cruiser in the shape of either Hmas Australia, Hmas Canberra or even the Hmas Shropshire.

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