World of Warships – Haida Review

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Reviewing the Haida, first Canadian ship to join World of Warships. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier VII Commonwealth Haida Replay – Discord Server


  1. Canada! finally

  2. oh wow im first

  3. C A N A D A

  4. It’s a fun little ship. Little?! Not really

    • Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu

      Actually Tribal-class was meant to be a light cruiser but after many modifications it ended up as destroyer type.
      It’s funny how such a large ship has the best concealment at T7 even better than IJN DDs. At this point the profile of ship doesn’t affect its concealment anymore..

    • Easy there Worf lol.

    • Niclmaki – wondering if someone was going to pick up on that…lol

    • Christopher Colasurdo

      Ooooh I’m a trek fan, but didn’t notice that lol

    • I guess if I had said…”tough little ship”…”little?”…might have made it easier. 😀

  5. „it’s not a real country anywaaaay!”

  6. Oh, canadian font :3

  7. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Hello Notser and as usual thks for the video Recently I got a Sims from a box and well…is a bit meh for me Although the guns are really good on close quarters, the torps are just awful Do you think they should buff them a bit? The long ranged ones are a joke compared to a Leningrad, Mahan, Mass, etc Do you think they should rebalance the old school premiums like Sims and Yubari? Some are fine or even great (Atago for example) but some are just meh at best

    • I use the Sims torps for screening areas and they work just great, you just need to change your playstyle slightly and you’ll get it. The Sims certainly does not need a buff it’s good enough as it is and way better than the Mass. Tier 7 isn’t a very good tier for anything other then the DD’s as you’re often in tier 9 games and the longer range torps work better at tier 9 than most other tier 7 DD’s. I think you’ll find that over time the newer premiums will generally be better then the old ones, it’s how WG get you to buy newer premiums, they’ll just do what they’ve been doing in WOT for years and years until everyone leaves the game in disgust.

    • 2 ways to go with Sims. You can take the short range torps and play it as an incredible Farragut. Or take the long range 49 kt torps and use them primarily as area denial. If you get a hit with them, great… but use them to force players to maneuver where you want them. Take BFT and enjoy a 3 second gun reload.

    • Nanchisan Nanchisan

      I still think a buff could be made And regarding that the German is worse, don’t really think so Yeah maybe in a gunboat, maneuver and such ways yes But the torps, which for most DDs are their bread and butter, are downright awful Still, will try what you say I was just asking for a little improvement And as for selling new premium being better than old ones, that would be terrible. I recently tried playing WoT again but with the new MM and new tank generations, the old ones I have are just in not just an unfair situation but in a complete garbage state

    • I played WOT for over 5 yearrs and had 20k games or more but in the end I just had enough of WG taking the pi”s out of the player base now I just log in to convert what gold I have left into premium time and use that in WOWS but the exact same thing will happen with this game, remember the same company owns it and a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots.

  8. 9:12 have the same problem

    • Me, too! Everytime I have a great match (like high damage or something), the game just seems to have a hard time calculating all the numbers and then it bugs out on me.

  9. What happened to the Tier VIII version? I think it was the best one, the secondary turret still seems a little useless considering Haida was designed around superior gun arnament

  10. Commonwealth will probably get it’s first line next year. After UK DDs / CVs, French DDs, and Russian BBs… all they have left is Italy… so it’s line splits and Commonwealth and Pan Asian / American / European from 2020 going forward.

  11. Hey Notser! Great video but one suggestion, try IFHE with the Haida.. it really does feel like i shatter less with it especially on BB superstructure (i use flags to compensate fire chance). I know, I know, its 4 Skill Points but i think its a better use than Radio Location because you can always peek out of your smoke briefly to take a quick look around and spot targets (Just speed up slightly past 12kn and you’ll leave smoke but as you do drop your throttle and you’ll end up peeking – you’ll show up to them as well but smoke will cover you moments later).

    • inertial fuse high explosive — it makes high ex shells penetrate more but it reduces fire chance

    • azraelswrd – ah. Which captain skill is that one?

    • ArmchairWarrior

      it’s called IFHE on the 4 skill row. I agree i respecced to IFHE over concealment and im enjoying it way more – big difference between hitting for 600 every salvo and 2500

    • ArmchairWarrior – okay. I may have to try that as well. I too have concealment on my Captain. Will try IFHE

    • If you’re going to gun, then IFHE is not a bad investment. If you must stealth, go concealment. If you want both, save up your points (minimum 14-point commander for two 4-point skills).

  12. AlphaNapalmBravo 22

    A DD secondary wow

  13. the guns have HAIDamage and HAI fire change, you have HAIDro, concealment and creeping smoke allow you to HAID…just cant recommend her HAIly enough

  14. Wow that looks like a sexy 😊 ship sucks I don’t like playing world of warships…I oley like playing world of warships blitz 😊

  15. wargaming is just a modgame, aimbots and they dont care.
    they want money money money

  16. Thanks Notser

  17. It sounds like a really nice addition. Thanks for reviewing this one for us!

  18. Glad you like this ship, I love mine. One point I would like to make is that the Cossack and Haida are not a direct comparison. While they are both Tribal-class, the Aussie and Canuck versions went with more AA by swapping out the 4.7″ guns in the super-firing turret in the X position for 4″ dual purpose guns. On the Haida those are secondaries (6×4.7″) while the Cossack should be primaries (8×4.7″).

  19. Noster, i believe the islands MOVES! I know it Notser, the islands are ALIVE and they move to block you! :<

  20. Glad to see they ditched that stupid “commonwealth” flag that it had when Jingles reviewed it!

    • General Cartman Lee

      I don’t know if there was a point when you did not have the choice between the Commonwealth flag and the British flag on the Haida.
      But WG implemented this months ago that you can choose between the flags on Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships (Perth).
      We all know that Jingles is old and crap and did not read any patch notes in the last 3 years. 😀

    • General Cartman Lee well yea, there’s that. 😀

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