World of Warships + Haifuri = Unlucky captains!

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A short video about the teaser. Please don’t take this too seriously, because it’s just a joke. Though there is a little point of seriousness in it. Also, prepare your wallet. I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.


  1. lmao so true

  2. ez im poor i can’t buy them.

  3. ????

  4. lol i just watched episode 1 of the OVA and then this! XD

  5. The Harekaze if sold as in the pictures would be a unique ship; she has been re-gunned from 3×2 IJN 127mm/50cal Type 3 to a 3×1 USN 127mm/54cal Mk16. Compare to the Japanese gun, the loss of 3 guns is made up for the fact the Mk16 fires ~18 rounds per minute (so 3.7s reload) and better ballistics would make it interesting.

    The Graf Spee is likely a skin only, though having Wilhelmina (Mii-chan) as the captain’s voice would be <3.

  6. Most accurate description if Wargaming I’ve seen

  7. all of the weaboo captain can related to this LOL
    Hoped this will be given also by event

  8. Reuchuwat Phokha


    WG confirm

  9. NA server yeah can’t wait for those ships for me to play to get them

  10. why this must be so accurate, why must you speak into my heart.

  11. Storozhevoi Gnevni

    I found a solution for myself~won’t buy them

  12. my eyes….. my eyes!!!

  13. omfg. Someone get my GF away from this. Hey Im on the NA server soooo. Yeah everyone in NA is rich, but I never bought a premuin.

  14. OTL
    wargaming is stealing my wallet!!!

  15. just more crazy about wargaming

  16. Syahrudin Railfanz

    Damn hahahahahhahaha :v

  17. This made me smile on a shitty day, thanks.

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