World of Warships – Hakuryu 12v12 Community Event

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This is my point of view from the community event when we played in aircraft carriers. The FPS will be very low because it is all aircraft carriers. I tried to provide good AA protection and attack any isolated enemy aircraft carriers. Hope you enjoy the game and the once in a couple months to see carriers all in a game. Have a wonderful day and good luck out there!

Tier X Replay


  1. Wow. First time I’m this early to a Notser video. If you read this, Notser, keep up the good work. I love your reviews and the new Captain build videos you did were really helpful. Cheers bro. Hope to meet you one day on a random game! 🙂

  2. Notser, we knew the CC community was crazy… but this is next level XD

  3. Christopher Matarazzo

    fps drop

  4. That was a fun event to watch Notser. You guys were nuts, especially with the Bismarcks.

  5. Next stop 12vs12 Yamatos

  6. For me, Aerroon is steel the king of CVs.

  7. 12 Shimakazes vs 12 Shimakazes

  8. This is really showcasing the god damn awful CV interface, you can’t even tell difference in a quick glance. Everything is messed up and confusing. They really need to change it soon. Good vid still.

  9. Why did you save your Defensive AA until it was pretty much useless?

  10. How to know most of them don’t really play CVs
    “If you press 2 then hold shift then 3 you will select both squads” – Aeroon trying to help
    “I double torped me!”
    “My planes are teleporting” – I’m like -> yeah, that’s normal, happens often
    Gj guys 😀

  11. Of course not AMERICAN cvs because they suck


  13. Sorry. Couldn’t watch it. Hope it was more fun to play.

  14. ? planes planes everywhere not a boat to sink

  15. The hell is real….

  16. ichase jingles notser and aerroon in 1 video… what a time to be alive <3<3<3

  17. Can someone recomend cpt build for Molotow?

  18. i love how iChase is orgasm-ing over this soo hard lol

  19. ichase and Noster? oh boy

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