World of Warships: Hakuryu – Arms Race Ranked

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Arms Race ranked mode gives planes a , but it also gives all the other ships a heal. This heal can make it quite difficult to sink some of them!

World of Warships footage of the 0 Japanese aircraft carrier on the map Islands of Ice.


  1. 7:00
    Except that AP bombs can be adjusted mid drop, or the CV can make multiple passes at an AA cruiser. Maybe if the Salem was moving at full speed, a huge misplay for him and a handicap that makes that ship weak as hell, then he might not have eaten 3citadels ONLY 2. Super balanced

    • You can’t adjust your AP bombers to turn the drop pattern though. You can *always* outturn the bombers if you’re moving. ALWAYS.

    • @Aerroon what if you are already playing well by angling against some other cruiser or BB and the CV punishes you for that by approaching from whatever angle it wants with no way to predict it

  2. You still seem to be rather “conserving” with your ship/plane consumables.

  3. ЛентяйЁпта

    I can’t take anything else from them so I take CV players karma at least

  4. What mod is that?

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    I like the hyperion mod than this tbh..

  6. …CVs in that mode…WG completely lost it now

    • I hate CV’s in this mode, they dont add anything special imo.

    • @TremereTT Hakuryu can still do work with AP bombers, since citadels are permanent damage.

    • @CloneD Anon Citadels don’t heal by the autoheal ???

    • ​@TremereTT I thought some part of citadel damage is permanent? Like the major part. Thunderer gets more citadel heal than other ships iirc. Don’t quote me on this, i am not 100% sure if the arms race autoheal heals all citadel damage or partially or all of it. It would be kinda stupid if it would heal it any more than normal heal would in similar situation after taking citadel damage.

    • @CloneD Anon heal buff heals everything regardless of type

  7. Reload buff is gud, having fun with my 16 secs reload Thunderer KEKW

  8. Thanks Aerroon. First I’ve ever seen the actual planes in the space camo, that’s a pretty good look. I usually watch Aetam and he never plays carriers. Glad to see it isn’t’ Smolensk 7 squared.

  9. Hakuryu… White dragon, One of Holy dragon for Our east asians.

    But this hakuryu is Prime Evil Dragon…

  10. I guess that’s why I don’t see ppl use CV anymore in this ranked season. Instead cruisers are the popular choice.

  11. How do you get that water so calm and clean? Is this a mod?

  12. Attacking the ship with the best torpedo protection in the game with torp bombers … not the best approach ….

  13. Ppl underestimate the maneuverability buff but if u took enough moskova will be large shimakaze (doing 40 knots and rudder to max in 0.5 secs)

  14. I was watching Flambass and Trenlass just troll with the heal perk on CV. Before the “emergency fix” it was truly disgusting in the most hilarious way. 2 x heal pick ups and the planes were practically untouchable 😂

  15. What Mod puts the ribbons on the right side of screen?

  16. Shima’s AA actually couldn’t damage your planes as soon as you got the first heal buff. That, to me, is hilariously stupid.

  17. what are those planes, i love them and i want them

  18. Aerroon. Why does your graphics look so much better than mine? Can you publish your hardware config to compare? Did you install WOW directly or via Steam?

  19. You really should watch out, Aerroon. If WG sees this video, they might decide to buff CVs. Just saying…

  20. another vid like this and this is a surefire unsub…

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