World of Warships: Hakuryu Comeback

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Hakuryu was a great CV in the last ranked season. In this match we get pushed to the brink, but manage to stage a comeback!

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Japanese aircraft carrier Hakuryu.
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  2. First like comment and view

  3. Meister Wunderfart

    You all lie.. I’m first!

  4. 4:40 look to your right you broke the game with the bombing mark

    • I think your first one might’ve been first. When I sort by “newest” yours is at the bottom, but it’s hard to say because youtube will take quite a while to sync all of these properly.

  5. Arnavut Şirkeilzanadeer

    Not the first but still.


  6. Nice gamplay! love your videos and your commentary 😉

  7. “Unfortunately we lose our CV, and their CV is still alive”?

  8. Yea because in WW2 bomber pilots thought “ awwww that ship as already had 3 attacks on it maybe I should leave it alone!”

  9. Musanix - World of Warships

    I wish we had Battlestations Pacific AA and secondaries systems
    Manually controlable, its effectiveness would depends on the player skill and ability to aim/leads. But WeeGee seems to not want to introduce that

    • but that would be too much for you to control that many things at once, you could endanger yourself

    • Musanix - World of Warships

      @kusajko ! I’d prefer that over random hits and low chances of actually damaging shit

    • Arnavut Şirkeilzanadeer

      @Musanix – World of WarshipsActual “Manual” secondaries can be fun.

      But aa… Maybe like a direction instruction but full control. Thats too much.

    • Good point, definitely prefer the plane mechanics in battlestations than wows.

  10. Desmoines own fault for soloing. Not a problem.

  11. Destroyer: DD Aircraft carrier: CV

  12. Thx for the explanation on dumping planes

  13. Russian Bias always protect.

    (4:43) What a polish peasant XD

  14. this is not

  15. Luv Atago as captain <3

  16. tenfingerstentoes

    In patches before 0.8.5, pre dropping was actually almost always a bad play. Because of AA being spread out among all planes randomly, the larger the squadron health pool, the greater chance of survival of every plane within it. Even in a situation where there’s a lot of AA and you want to get only one strike in, the better play is to go in with a full squad, make your drop, then immediately go into an attack run away from the enemy. This gives you damage reduction to all the planes, immunity to flak, and an invulnerable slingshot away after you do this empty “post” drop. The #1 CV player on NA and possibly worldwide, Gaishu_Isshoku would talk about this extensively on his stream, and would never pre drop. He stopped playing CV though, and with the new AA focus mechanics, at least for now pre dropping actually does accomplish what people thought it would. It just irked me every time when I saw it pre 0.8.5 because it was so counter productive and yet accepted as ‘general wisdom’.

  17. glad to see its possible to get big damage with AP bombs, i get so frustrated by all the ricochets and overpens that i barely use them. i think you got quite the RNG boon in this round. BTW, if i overpen with a bomb, isn’t that going thru the bottom? how would that not cause a flood?

  18. Tbh this guy is kinda trash at CVs. No hate just seeing a lot of bad drops and bad decisions.

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