World of Warships – Hakuryu – Squadrons Galore!

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Someone on stream asked me to play a Hakuryu, now I’ve never really played the Hakuryu so this was going to be a challenge. After 3 pretty meh battles, this battle was significantly better. Did some pretty good damage and I gained some insights into the Haku. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Hammock Fight by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. I liked this vidio. reason is you took on the sttyle of ship you normaly
    play but moved out of your own happy zone. looking at skills and how to
    build it etc. play styles are not all all ways the same as your own. some
    people love playing with shot guns, and others sniper rifles. This ship is
    more a shot gun. I would like to see how this ship goes as you level it up.
    new gear new skills etc. PS loved the storie about Oscer the cat on the
    Bismark. I told my friends about it since they have have a cat called
    Oscer. His no salty dog, lol

  2. I can’t get use to controlling multiple squadrons… need to learn them
    star craft control.

  3. Damage control immunity timer is different for BB of every nation:

    US BBs 20 sec
    German 15 sec
    IJN BBs 10 sec
    HMS BBs 5sec

  4. Great vid

  5. Great vid iChase!, I haven’t played the IJN cv’s. Worked my way up to the
    Essex now, can you do a video on that?

  6. was playing this cv in the open beta,but after the 600% nerf of jap cv´s
    never again!
    cv´s are real funkillers & gamekillers!

  7. do you use hotkeys to control multiple squadrons? its very difficult to
    control them individually

  8. +ichasegaming You forgot to mention USN Battleships have a 20 second
    immunity period after using the repair which is super important for trying
    to stack dot. BTW for all new CV players out there thats the secret to
    those huge damage numbers. Great vid though.

  9. Just a great game. Keep them coming.

  10. If they removed the bugs with commanding your planes, I bet you’d probably
    be showing your true potential then >:)

  11. With CV experience so low, it’s surprising people still play them.

  12. great video ICHASE : I wonder how much they changed the Hakuryu since last
    summer ???? the last tier 10 CV videos
    I have seen came out last summer,, but a couple of them show Hakuryus just
    eating Midways up.. 1 CV on each team.
    now your saying a Hakuryu has to play sort of smoke and mirrors. I guess
    that’s one reason CV play has fallen out of favor.

  13. chase just want to say you are the best CV player out there. Your tips made
    me play so much better i went from sub 500 wtr to above 1000 and climbing.
    keep up the great work

  14. RIP Torpedo 4. Left to spot Shimakaze, forgotten for a few minutes, then
    chewed up by the Iowa.

  15. Hey chase, I had an epic game in my Mikhail Kutuzov. I would have sent the
    replay in except it was in a Co-op battle. I did it because my division
    mate was in a low tier ship. If he was in a higher tier ship, I would have
    been in a random battle.

  16. iChase and NeverForgoten in the same platoon? Yea that’s just spells death.

  17. Vanessa Palmer (Vanessaira)

    Great showcase of the ship. I am about to research it, and I value your
    opinion on it.

  18. It always hurts my brain when I watch you playing a high tier CV. So much
    multitasking. :O

    Incidentally, it looks like CVs are going to be receiving big buffs in
    2016. Wargaming are apparently considering AP bombs (with similar
    ballistics and penetration mechanics to artillery) and fighter-strafing of
    ships. Good times. :)

  19. I like how the admiralWTF was like “I’ll protect you iChase !!” xD

  20. It’s kinda strange that Montana didn’t shot down a lot of planes at 7:51

  21. i hope you will release another tech tree overview soon, I enjoy the last
    one a lot as it help me gain insight on the ships. Maybe you could do usn
    dd and ijn dd next? i just cant score much hits with torp nowadays, the
    enemy always seems to be able to dodge them

  22. @3:13 Damage a destroyer? With IJN dive bombers?

    No, you’ll get an incapacitation. Exactly one, no matter how many bombers
    you send.

  23. Million-dollar question, iChase; Midway or Hakuryu?

  24. while i will admit CV are very well balanced against each other and on
    paper …. in practice they are completely broken…… in random battles
    where teamwork is just about non existent and therefore can’t really be
    countered and thus are overpowered as hell…. however in team battles when
    teamwork is life they are while still very annoying are fairly well
    balanced….. that’s mine and many people who i have discussed them with

  25. “I had a pretty decent game”

    W-w-w-what? Over 298k damage, that’s not decent, that’s excellent!
    Nice game iChase :)

  26. really bad battleships on your side..

  27. Brian Lock (神通)

    Ah, tier 10 carrier don’t run out of planes.

  28. Brian Lock (神通)

    Coconut Cooking Oil combination ftw

  29. From experience in playing the Hakuryu chase, the battle that you did is
    actually pretty good

  30. Tamás Kerecsényi

    8 squadrons, hell no 😀 no way i could micromanage that, i’m not really
    sure how can someone enjoy that clownfiesta :D

  31. Could u do a review on the Des Moines with radar equipped? Include gameplay

  32. Meh, such disappointment, *only 2435 base experience*… You must have had
    a really bad day.

  33. The Iowa AA is great, my Iowa has 100 rips apart any cv level

  34. +ichasegamin your the best carrier player in the game

  35. im still having a hard time keeping my planes alive using my independece

  36. chase by any chance will you do a grind towards the hakuryu

  37. I love seeing chase playing aircraft carrier

  38. First view and comment, great vid as always!

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