World of Warships: Hakuryuu vs Air Superiority Hakuryuu

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World of Warships footage of the Japanese carrier Hakuryuu going up against another Hakuryuu on the map Islands of Ice. The enemy Hakuryuu is air superiority with 4-2-2 loadout, so it is a disadvantageous fight in the air. Match still goes nicely.


  1. You can first use automatic bomb, last changed manually, you can avoid the
    problem can not be manually bomb.You are always too close to cause the
    manual torpedo failure, if the enemy air defense relatively strong … you
    do not have a second chance. Because LAG?

  2. Aerroon stop posting videos of you owning people and carrying the game, and
    start posting actual content, lol jk ;D

    But seriously though, Didn’t even watch the video and i already know you
    will be owning stuff again >.>

  3. At the end, like 16:40 into… when enemy fighters camp your cv… you have
    a Zao right next to you. Why isn’t his AA shooting down the enemy fighters?

  4. this is not enjoyable to watch because of how you talk

  5. what I don’t get about Bomber’s is. Why do they (USN) only get 500lbs bombs
    if in IRL the hire Tier Bombers had single bomb’s of 1’000lbs+ and if a
    bomb this big is OP give them more than 1 x500lbs bomb. Like give them 2-4
    bombs per plane.

  6. Air superiority and you shot down more planes than he did.

  7. It’s so funny when 90% of people hail for air superiority… yay… NOT 😀
    (I did that mistake in Langley and Bogue…)

  8. After i saw how you ( or the buggy planes ) messed up the one TB and DB
    attak i can feel better now if it happens to myself. sometimes i lost a
    game because of that shit.

  9. which Nation is better by aircraft carriers USA or Japan?

  10. Good video. I think the enemy Hakuryuu could’ve done a much better job
    protecting ships on his team.

  11. Agh >< I've been so busy, but it's finally time to play the catch-up game (working backwards of course)! Good thing that videos aren't like timed events.

  12. i love how you killed more planes than him

  13. well feel like wanna get trained by you playing aircraft carrier

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