World of Warships- Halford First Impressions: The Hell Were They Thinking??

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Hey guys! Today we have the new American Tier IX Destroyer, the Halford in port to review today! Enjoy!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
2:42 Economy/Camo
3:34 Armor
3:44 Ship Stats
9:19 Ship Consumables
10:00 Commander & Module Build
13:18 Gameplay Review


  1. Picked her up in third container, so not bad. imo would have been better if they had just left it as just spotter plane rather than armed with TT’s.

    • It certainly would have been more interesting to have a Spotter and Fighters on a DD. Although with US 5 INCH Ballistics, I’m not sure how useful a spotter plane would be unless your hiding in smoke.

  2. In my opinion 5/10 is generous.

  3. I don’t understand why they didn’t simply put a single plane, with more HP, but to be used only as scout. That could had been more historically precise and still quite useful.

  4. Ya know what would make this ship interesting as it is? Make the Squadron like the DUTCH airstrike, just with tiny tim planes. Now THAT would be cool.

    Other then that it would be better if had the spotter plane and/or Fighters instead.

    • it’s called tromp, no?

    • @WeWickYou Yes that thing exists, and SUPPOSEDLY maybe a entire Tech line of them will come eventually. However, that Mechanic of “airstrikes” feels STUPIDLY underused since its ONLY on Dutch ships. (usually when WG adds something to the game they slap it on everything that comes out in the near future) It would not kill WG to try putting it on other nations ships, the Halford is a good example of such a ship that could make use of such a mechanic.

      The IDEA of Hybrid DD with player controlled planes is pretty counter intuitive, since DDs are quite fragile and you can’t control your ship while your Flying. Its not like the Halford gets ANY compensation for having the Catapult to launch the planes. Its armament and stats are just WORSE then any other Fletcher class, in exchange for Tiny Tim harassment.

      Plus, i jus think it would be interesting for WG to “test” how other plane types besides the Dutch bombers do as an “airstrike”.

    • Interesting review thanks for the information!

  5. In game chat pretty funny on this one, micromanager getting pissy that SLM is actually using the gimmick of the ship instead of running around throwing out his one torpedo rack every time it’s up lol.

    • Turning off chat is a pro move and makes wows a much more pleasant experience. Most of the chat spammers are drunks , potatoes or both 😂

  6. andrew blackmore

    This would have actually made sense if it was just a spotter

  7. Had to chuckle that you’ve never actually ground out to the Fletcher…whilst I’m back to the Fletcher on my 7th stacked regrind of the Gearing line for Research Points. 😂

    Fletcher is a great all-around DD. Now, all we need is a premium USS Johnston (proposed gimmick/differences: T10, give her French DD saturation, let the 40mm AA guns act as secondaries which have a very high fire chance, and give her a heal) – plus a special commander Ernest Evans who gets a +0.5% Adrenalin rush.

    • I haven’t either. I have Kidd and Chung Mu, so standard Fletcher with its outdated model really isn’t all that exciting.

      Had the game for most of it runtime and still grinding Farragut.

  8. I got the 25 containers with the free points. I ended up getting it on the 23rd one. Really did not expect it at all. Helps that i had the others already.

  9. Professional AntiChrist Hater

    Would have made more sense for it to be a player controlled fighter. But we all know why that didn’t happen.

  10. I would much rather have a fighter/spotter in a separate slot and improved gun ballistics on the halford. This combo would make her a good ship and could spot outside smoke. Also WG Johnston when?

    • USS roberts when!

    • Johnston should have french damage saturation

    • ​@Killa Whale finally someone that agrees with me. So many people say she should get a heal when it doesn’t fit with the real life story of Johnston’s actions, and also we already have a Fletcher with a heal in Kidd.

    • ​@SHADOW COMPANY Sammy B either needs to be a normal tier 2 premium destroyer, or an off the walls packed full of gimmicks tier 9 premium destroyer. There can be no in-between.

  11. I reckon a lot of bad players will get this one and be completely ineffective as a DD. Cannot for my life see any decent DD players taking this ship over any other tier 9 DDs

  12. DonArtAnimation

    I see the planes as being very useful for ratting out your opposing DD’s from far beyond your concealment before you even engage them to have you eventually engage them on your own terms rather than them eventually get the drop on you to be honest. Being able to screen your approach before committing seems like a pretty powerful tool for a DD.

  13. It seems a poor excuse for a Fletcher tbh, the U S Navy had the right idea returning them to original spec, it will however do it’s job in game and empty the hybrid fanboys wallets in Wargamblings direction, Working as intended. A good review with a generous 5/10, Your getting soft SL 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸😁

  14. I think one way to improve all the hybrids is to bring back the RTS planes just for the hybrids. Then you could give the plane a command and get back to running your ship.

  15. Great review. SLM !!! They could improve the ship by adding torpedo reload booster, remove the time delay on launching planes at beginning of match (u could spot while your ship is getting into position), and add SAP shells. With such a mediocre ship she will be in the coal armory sooner than we think.

  16. What others aren’t seeing with this ship is its ability to play as part of a division, especially with a second (gunboat) DD… at its tier. Not even including the current (temporary) CB season, a division of three ships of a Halford, Kitakaze, and a radar cruiser (say, a Riga). Kita and Halford blow up the likely single DD that heads forward on a side (or at least make it run). The team now has the cap. From there, the long USA smoke hides the radar cruiser while the Halford leaves smoke, launches planes, and spots said DD (if it ran) or provides a fire or two on the enemy cruiser or BB. The Kita has now moved into a position, setup its smoke, and is farming. The Halford spots (getting spotting damage) and is the new cap contest DD.

    Every ship isn’t supposed to be played in a vacuum by itself. The Halford is a team player ship, period.

    • Very much a team ship, well said. It is an area denial ship, and then a front line supporting ship. As in, it sits up front supporting the big guns behind it.

  17. first three games, all over 100k spotting damage. I got park in a cap, even open water sometimes, and launch the planes, spot the enemy dds. Use the longer range torps to travel through caps toward their BBs or cruisers in the back. Don’t get run down by gunboats haha. I’ve had a good amount of fun in the Halford.

  18. Alonso Ovando Chico

    Having played the hell out of the Ise and Tone I knew it was gonna be mediocre the moment it was announced. That’s how THEY were balanced. Kearsarge and the tech line BBs broke with the formula by having rather powerful guns mated to strong planes so I had at least some hope the Halford would get strong planes to make up for all the concessions it has to make but alas that wasn’t the case. Sailing a DD is already a very involved task, so introducing a long pause to fly the planes around always seemed like a bad idea. It’s a bad idea in the Tone, which at least gets amazing concealment for its troubles, but an even worse idea if you have to also spot while avoiding detection/torpedoes

  19. Finance Professor

    New ideas for WG: How about a CV with a detachable submersible consumable? Or a ship with attack dolphin consumable?

  20. They should just double the damage of the rockets and make the planes a little more squishy

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