World of Warships: Halland First Look [WIP] – 86 kts Torps!!

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My very first look at the Halland. She’s the upcoming new Swedish/Pan-European DD with 86 kts torps. Match starts at 5:00
The ship was given to me by Wargaming for review purposes.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Swedish Halland on the map Ocean.


  1. Hmmm. What range will you have if you put TA on these?
    Should be about 12km range with TA and 95kn torps if I have the extra speed value correct in my head 😛

    I wonder when he will notice that thse things have a narrow spread aswell
    Edit: 17:12 Took a while, eh?

    • @Aerroon will the torps get a speeding ticket?

    • Jesus… 12 Km range at 91 knots….. And that UBER Tight spread to boot! I wish WG just made ALL Tight spread what Halland has, and wide spread the same. Traditional Wide spread is TOTALLY useless, but both spreads on Halland have their uses!

    • @Aerroon Smalland is 76 knots and only 12 km range Base AND it only gets 8 torps, a 5x launcher, and a 3x launcher.

    • @Aerroon Yeah Hallands Wide-Spread is like still better than most others narrowspread. 😀

  2. Swedish ship… ???

  3. 8:55 no torpedo-belt on the nose.

  4. Very nice pre-/review Aerroon!
    I am somewhat impatient about this ship 🙂
    (besides, i also prefer these bright camos)

  5. Next step for WG: Missles, Rader guided rockets and Lazer guided bombs.

  6. Try finding a game in Asia without an aircraft carrier. Good luck.

  7. As I recall, torpedoes in RL used to have speed settings on them, which dictated the torpedo range too.

    • Yes. Lower speed meant greater range. That’s kinda what the Torpedo acceleration talent plays on.

    • Also different fuse-activations. In WW2 Germany used both impact and magnetic-fuze. Altough Magnetic wasnt generally used in early war as they were unreliable at first. I wish we could have that. I could see this as a Mod or Consumable. Maybe even buff DW torps with it. MEaning buffing Pan-Asian DDs and giving them such a gimmick that increases flood (even torp hits when hitting mid-ships) and dealing more damage. Would be cool

  8. famous words “its quite hot when you’re on fire’

  9. Don’t talk to me until. I see you put ta on it!! To slow for my eyess

  10. I think this thing looks pretty fun. Until you get spotted and can’t get away…

  11. I guess I’m retiring my Shima and getting one of these if it stays the same.

  12. Well looks like you can still play more aggressive against this DD, just not for a very long time.

  13. Well played Aerroon the Almighty!
    Also: wide spread is bezt spread 😉

  14. Ocean map – just shows that even MM has a sense if humour. Not sure that the enemy Salem was laughing though.

  15. Gorgeous ship
    I’ll go down this line on looks alone

  16. Hi Aeroon… I love the NEW Swedish DD line… hm.. I am from Sweden Your neighbor across the sea..
    I will make a video for you how to pronounce the name of all DD line… I am looking forward an invitation from you so we can play together like last time..
    I am very hyped about this DD line .. and I want to see more. 🙂

  17. I got wrecked by those in my gearing, f as i was against an OM guy first a gun fight and the he hit me with those torps at 4km… i had no chance to dodge them. My side will be up sometime today.

  18. I thought there was something on my screen because of the thumbnail…

  19. I blew one out of the water 2 days ago, I had no idea it was so OP.

  20. This DD looks so modern, I wait wargaming to introduce space Battleship Yamato and so on…

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