World of Warships: Halland – Ignore Caps At Your Own Peril

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Halland’s great. But you know what’s even better? Caps.
Ignore them at your own peril.

0:00 Halland Match
11:03 End Screen
12:11 Captain Skills & Upgrades
13:27 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Swedish destroyer Halland.


  1. Capping wins games.

    • They already tremble at the sight of you captaining the Halland. That’s why they are all scot out the caps.

    • I remember that video … its been a long time since ! Still my fav video is the ‘Kirov reporting’ one.Keep up Amigo!

    • I say it in chat at the start of many battles…teams that cap, win. Also, teams that talk, win

  2. Mr. Örtzknörtz

    when you are a dd and there is a cv in the match : bro that match gonna suck
    when you are playing halland : yees come to me and feed me …iam bb and cv main and i hate to play against halland bcs well its obvious i think 🙂

    • @Michael I’ve fucked up a few haland in immelmann. Tag one with three barrels of napalm and two fires. There’s not much left.

    • @Emily Hofland wow not bad .. yeah if are smart you can avoid being striked by cv exepecially when he focus someone who try to avoid attack and hide behind islands .. thats what i always say you can avoid being farmed down even when cv focuses you (but luck and the positioing of the enemy surface ships counts too)

    • @Emily Hofland yep thats what you should do .. radar crusier are in my opinon a better target anyway bcs often there are other ships who can shot on dds you just have to set a fighter or just be near them

    • @Michael well if he flies into a flak boubble even fdr planes get screwed and this can happen even with a good cv player … but yeah the spotting aspect is still there so sure its dangoures too

  3. Would LOVE to have enemies like that bro! GG good sir.

  4. I see games like this atleast 2 or 3 times a day….Just blow outs.

  5. Nicely done +1

  6. Another great video as usual.

  7. Do you think Halland is just too good compare to other old tech line DDs? You have good gun, heal, amazing long range torp, excellent AA that you can sit safely in the back without risking getting radar and get focus by CV.

    • Yes. Even though she is of a relatively new line she is one of the most popular T10 ships in the game.
      But she doesn’t have smoke, which makes her unable to do all of the things other DDs can do.

  8. I use RPF instead of superintendent, but in both case Halland is a strong DD.

  9. To many newbies that’s why. I played rank and one player only had 15 games one had 30 lol really bad that’s in ranks that should not be allowed

  10. This is WOWS standard teams right now, since I keep getting many new players with very low WR in my teams and I do struggle to win most games, more now than before… and they don’t take well players to instruct them through in-game chat since they report you sometimes if you do so.

  11. Are we still not talking about wargaming giving me underage Japanese girls in shipping containers?
    Yeah, the weeb collections are a bit concerning.

  12. Their 2 DDs at C were not interested in capping at all

  13. Poster child example of collective passive play from enemy team. They all assumed someone else will help win the game–so they lost. A meta story in reality too.

  14. boristhebarbarian

    is it still possible to get ”Jerszy” as a captain? I cannot find her in the commander list in the armoury and i missed the mission marathon due to work. (The torp reload works of the extra captain skill i am guessing)

    • It is the captain skill. I’m wondering whether he’s available too.

    • boristhebarbarian

      @Aerroon thx, I have stayed away from euro DD line for a long time because i did not get ”Jerszy” and the line does not make much sense without him.

  15. boristhebarbarian

    Rather strange that enemy Shoma and Z-52 where always in such close proximity. Like they got in each others way. I remember a game i had this winter where a teammate DD followed my every move and was always between me and the enemy preventing me from torping for almost the whole game. Sometimes teammates like that willingly of by dumb ignorance can throw off your game.

  16. not trying to be mean or anything , but i would like to see more action-filled games, like you going for gun fights with other destroyers other than just torping from afar :p

  17. Ismael El Boujadaini

    I think Aerron is a weeb (theory)

  18. I usually end up on teams like this red team.

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