World of Warships: Halland Is Stupid

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Halland is a great Swedish destroyer. It’s just amazing to play. A torp boat that’s good in other aspects too! It’s just so great.

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Pan-European destroyer Halland.


  1. *very sad Shima noises

  2. When i think of DDs that have been truly power crept by Halland, I think of Z-52. I love Halland though to death

  3. I love Halland 😀 Those Torps make so much fun <3

  4. Shimakaze was powercrept by Somers far worse than the Halland

  5. Hello and welcome! Today..

    I have this sentence in my head before I even click on the video 🤭🤭

  6. Had a 4401 base experience game today! New personal best! Yeah, it’s awesome.

  7. As always, qualitativ Gameplay, nice voice to listen to, and a good voiceover explaining the round.

    Never change Aerroon

  8. The simple fact that Halland can annoy CVs makes it a keeper.

    • @LeckMichImArsch yeah, better just play around, and WG keeps giving you these, a ton of then on occasions like Wows birthday, or Christmas, you just reserve them. Use them together, also with prem account when you do the grind. I did like 4 regrinds yet. You will notice how you will get low xp games non-stop does not matter how hard you try. 🤣🤣🤣
      Still you will get there quite fast

    • @cl4ster17
      Denarmo’s Midway video was the funniest when planes flew over a Minotaur and “oh shit” meme got inserted. 😂

    • @Jozsef Toth
      I started doing more co-ops for faster games in exchange of more xp per game. That has been working out well, frankly speaking.

    • @LeckMichImArsch sounds interesting bro. When it comes to regrinding.. maybe, its a regrind after all, so yeah, dirty job must be done, let it be even co-op🤮

    • @luuk341 not really a good cv can kill it

  9. 2:09 Yes the powerful Des moines. Greatest Destroyer shame it only comes with one destructible torpedo

    • Soooooo Friesland is a Cruiser, right? 😀 Just following your logic 😉

    • With the legendary modul it is really more agile than some destroyers.
      But I am not sure if he meant this or the Gearing.
      Because the Gearing also a good destroyer. Great consealment with the legendary module, 16,5km torps and long smoke. AA is ok with DefAA and the guns are also OK. There are not so much other DD than can outgun her and you have the advantage of outspotting other DD.

  10. Great timing at the start with the speed boost at the same time as speeding the play back up, I was like wtf, how fast lol. Nice play as always.

  11. I want supersonic torps next in wows.

  12. Shimakaze with the buffed legendary mod is actually not bad. About one & a half minute reload on that insane 15x 24kdmg torpedo is pretty crazy. I had an epicenter game where I stayed in the center and just wrecked everything around me thanks to the fast reload. But of course Halland is more optimized for the current meta with a lot of planes and random damage.

    • your forgetting you trade that fpr a 75% increase in torp incaps and if dcp is down you lose those torps lol

    • @Ahmed Abdullahi You’re* (not “your”) forgetting that I also mount the +5% torpedo speed module that further lowers the incapacitation risk by -40%, so they kind of cancel out each other. Besides, with Shimakaze’s good concealment I don’t get spotted very often anyway.

  13. Actually for me aiming with the guide line makes me miss most of my salvos; i land like around 15 salvos or more per game guesstimating

  14. great! now you made me regret not continuing the line. I stopped after getting the Oland (8) because of all these other events going on in wows

  15. I’m on the NA server and I love the Halland I got her the 1st day she was available and enjoy her a lot. Woah the guns hit a tad bit harder but not a deal breaker by any means

  16. Aerroon so unnecessarily aggressive in chat

  17. Standard game for me is Full T10 3bb’s cv and 4+ radar cruisers and then see games like this with so many t8 bb’s and no radar and people say the ships stupid and op…

  18. Curious Entertainment

    They’ll definitely nerf its aa guns to “balance the game” when the fantasy German carriers come into the game.

  19. 0:28 Engine Boost and Heal changing places 😮

  20. Then he casually guns down a freakin Harugumo.. kids dont try this at home😱

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