World of Warships: Halland – Unexpected Torpedoes

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Halland torpedoes launched at unexpected times can be quite surprising to the red ships.

0:00 Game
11:38 End Screen
12:31 Commander Skills & Upgrades
13:40 Outro

World of Warships footage of the tier 10 Swedish (Pan-European) destroyer Halland on the map Tears of the Desert.


  1. New Sub And First!!!!

  2. third comment

  3. They usually works for me best, when i send narrow spreads at like some bow-on BB, and a destroyer gets caught in them

  4. Yes Aerroon, yes! You always make my day :3

  5. Can you do a video about the New Orleans, or the Des Moines? I started playing the heavy US cruiser line and would love some tips.

    • It’s a fantastic line but be careful not to feel pressured to radar caps at the start of the match unless you feel confident in doing so as that can often get you killed early it’s a high risk reward situation also islands are your friend most of the time you can park behind them and lob your shells over but dont do that if a cv with ap bombs are on the other team as you are a easy target which they can smash if you are stationary good luck and have fun

    • Didn’t I make a New Orleans video last month?

    • Aerroon yeah you did,(slipped under my radar) but I don’t think you have done a Des Moines video for a while.

  6. range on the torp ?

  7. Oh how nice to see an other great video by Aerroon.. and in my all time favourite dd.

  8. Polish flag on a sweidsh DD? 😂

  9. Everyday your jokes remind me more and more of a certain salty gnome.

  10. i was the Venezia on the enemy team, hope you understand my frustraition

  11. This is my new fav, had it 2 days and just got a kraken in it.

  12. s o y u z c r u i s e

  13. How do you get that reload buff on the Halland?

  14. I really hate that game mode

  15. Should make another video to balance this one out, where all your torps never hit their target. Like BB just magically turn away from your torps.

  16. You prefer superintendent to torpedo reload for a 3 pt capt skill? I’m torn but I feel like getting more torps in the water is worth it.

  17. Try playing on the asia servers, you’ll never get a CV free game :0

  18. Halland because… A DD needs the aa of a tier 10 CV.

  19. Kay munchie Jay Ireland

    im finding it very hard to get xp only small mounts at a time never anymore than 100. Ive been trying for a while to get my fathers Ship that he served upon HMS Nelson.

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