World of Warships – Halland with new captain and torp build

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You’ve been asking for Pan DDs and the 1 I truly like (besides tier 9 premium, Friesland) is the tier 10 tech tree version, Halland. I built mine for full torp rld and as much speed as possible.

I will not go for torp acceleration in the end because I think torps are fast enough and I’d rather have extra and AR buff.

My final captain will be:


You can spec this ship in few ways but I would recommend full torp build. If you want guns go for the premium version.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thank you flambass for all your vids you truly are a teacher of sorts and you make me a better player by watching.

  2. Did you see the trailer for the movie Greyhound?

  3. Antonio Saavedra A.

    The office and fish comment stopped Flambass.exe for a couple of seconds lol

  4. I wish some of these YouTube VODs would show the kitten on screen 🙁

  5. Jerzy Świrski and Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

  6. Why is the name of the vid not Jerzy Świrski and Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

  7. why no rpf and ar?
    for the last 6 pts

    • That’s what he said final captain will be, PM, PT, LS, AR, SE, SI, TAE, CE. Unfortunately RPF is a last choice, it’s nice, but not necessary. You really need all 3 four point skills (SE, SI and TAE). You could potentially swap out TAE and PM for RPF on the Smalland.

  8. Sorry for Yamato steal but I had been gunning it down the whole match.

  9. This fish and microwave guy, hahahahaha

  10. ah. I see you’re piloting the carrier torpedo plane that doesn’t fly.

  11. “what am I not using on Halland?” Looks like you’re missing RPF, which you should have instead of torp acceleration IMO.

  12. Kroka Scotzerland

    The Halland is one of my new favourite ships

  13. Flambass Saying Quaken is probably the best thing ever

  14. Honestly, i am looking forward to Jerzy Swirski and Gzrzegzorzg Berzszistszsikizevzitchz👍

  15. 90 freakin knots?!?!

  16. I had one of Google’s bots copyright claim a discussion between myself and another researcher in my laboratory. While the claim was withdrawn, espionage charges are pending. While I don’t think they’re spying on us, they confessed to it so they can do the fucking time.

  17. Thanks for the great streams Flambass. I have learned a lot of techniques thanks to you. I have actually lasted to the end of battles now vs die halfway through. I really appreciate you.

  18. Here’s a challenge: Friesland with torps build

    • There is only one commander skill difference between playing Halland and playing Smalland/Friesland. You would swap out TAE for BFT.

  19. I wish one of the twitch subscriber has those names xD I would love to see flambass fail at thanking them

  20. Yah, “radar” that sees through islands of solid rock…

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