World of Warships – Halloween 2016

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Some thing sinister this way comes… in this night of Halloween!
Come join in on the spooky voyage, where you fight for your life against an unrelenting horde of undead warships!

World of Warships for FREE:
ASIA: http://.asia


  1. yay new ship :D

  2. Holy fck, WG developers must’ve had a whole week of Vodka instead of water!

  3. When?

  4. wow… nice WG :)

  5. Khắc Tuấn Nguyễn

    Wow…….good work WG :)

  6. Fark cant wait!!

  7. holy crap

  8. those model look awesome

  9. nice…

  10. <-- wondering how this is supposed to work...

  11. Oh yeah, they look sic..nice one WG ?

  12. oyaoy good

  13. awwww yisssss

  14. მეგრელი აბრაგი (Georgian Abrek)

    WoW i am Steampunk Fan

  15. X666666)

  16. who are those three guys in the opening?

  17. Finally! Stalin has risen from the depths of hell to punish us for not
    sending enough dissidents to the…. Oh wait, it’s only Rasputin.

  18. ewwwwwwww

  19. 我帆Taro阿汰眞(Taro)


  20. ヘルシングがノーチラス号みたいに見えた

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