World of Warships // Halloween 2023 / “B.Y.O.B.”

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By which I mean, of course, Bring Your Own Battleship. Also, the Benham has an absolutely disgusting reload in this mode, I highly recommend trying it if you own one.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. I quite like this year’s Halloween mode. Being able to play any tier 8 / 9 is a lot of fun

  2. I’ve seen way more subs in this than CVs on NA

    • ‘ya. I have no idea what a sub thinks it can do in this particular operation. I think that with the lack of regen to subs and DDs, only the very best would want to try . That so many do try in the Halloween Op tells me that there are more who think they are good at subs than who actually are. Mind, I’m a cowardly BB or cruiser player…

  3. I might actually log in and give this a go

  4. Cheers for uploading; hope you’re doing well, PHJ 🙂

  5. not playing this for years, I’d guess cruisers or bbs with torps and secondaries would be a good choice? Maybe Tirpitz? I’ll start out with my secondary build Kii. Not sure how to collect shards o’ the Great Tower? Jedi playing without a safety net again: well done.

  6. Thanks for the vid!

    Perhaps you can take an absurdly overpowered DD in for the next Halloween mission!

  7. That was a good video Jedi
    Thanks 🙂

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