World of Warships – Halloween: A Sunray in the Darkness

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Transylvania and her escorts escaped the Realm of Darkness, but Dark Forces have followed them home! Fight off waves of sinister ships and planes, while buying precious time for the arcane towers to complete their ritual and seal the Portal for good!

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  1. Game mode feels awesome WG

  2. กุลณิฐ์ ผิวบาง

    So fantasy game

  3. Nice skins

  4. thegreekfirepower[WG-CC]

    this is better than the Old One

  5. Lucas Ribeiro Nunes

    Web will we be able to play this ????

  6. PvE defence horde mode?

  7. Will this be available in blitz?

  8. you know what this remember me? kancolle and the abyssal fleet realy.

  9. Are Kalus V Teslau inspired by Nikola Tesla ?

  10. Sounds to be fun :V

  11. How to win this mode 🙁

  12. I Sea turtles. And Halloween events from Wargaming.

  13. World of Lore-ships?

    Looks good, hats off to the art department as always!

  14. super excited

  15. Omg, the bat-planes are so cuuute 😎

  16. …and its available in the EU xD

  17. Stieglitz Things With Wings Channel


  18. I hope WoT can do this

  19. Ok , this mode is not available in my game , or is it yet to be launched or what ?

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