World of Warships – Halloween Event Part I: Save Transylvania!

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Last year, fleets across World of Warships united to take on Rasputin and its Zikasa hordes! All this time, Rasputin watched, waited, and plotted its return.

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  1. I can’t wait.

  2. How is this different from last year?

  3. I still have more than 300 Halloween Camos from last event…not going to play it again.

  4. Why does everyone think Romania is a creepy place -_-

  5. last year, I never beat it ! I am better than then and I will bring my friends instead of random matchup

  6. Save Transylvania from Bozgors(Hungarians) :)))


    WOT PC?

  8. This looks exactly like last years Halloween event??

  9. When is wows blitz coming to the U.S I’m tired of waiting

  10. My fav. halloween mode!!!

  11. Eeee mai taie din ele da-le dreacuu=)))

  12. Transylvania is Hungary !

  13. *Transylvania is Hungary* !

  14. The world of tanks also have this kind of halloween event, hope so.

  15. How about the Halloween mission is removing the HP bar it will be scary too!…

  16. Wow same as last Year-_- Why are u all so exited?

  17. Thunder ChanWin7601

    Going to be my first time playing this event. Anyone else their first time too?

  18. Dissapointed ..wanted new scenarios

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