World of Warships: Halloween event! Save the treats!

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The new is out for World of Warships its a lot of ! You and your friends get to go against the evil Rasputin who is trying to steal your treats!


  1. Beat it good i am a ghostbuster.

  2. Awesome event but i wanted a free ship for completion.

  3. you get 100 free XP for each secondary task, and up to 200k credits and 3
    camos per run for the repeatable missions.

    also, all rewards are payed out in the port screen, not the results screen.
    so tired of people on the forums crying “i not get rewardeds!!1!”

  4. The extra stuff is 100 free XP for each secondary you complete.

  5. I hope they add escort to the battles…

  6. Did I see a French warship? How did you get that?

  7. I just got 250 perm repairs from it ans some flags!

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